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18NTC and AFPFC: First Timers Reflect on Conferences

New Orleans was host to two of the world’s most prominent professional conferences. The Nonprofit Technology Conference (18NTC) hosted by the Nonprofit Technology Network and the International Fundraising Conference (AFPFC) hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, drew audiences of nonprofit and fundraising professionals, all of them ready to gain more information on their fields and make new professional connections.


As a sponsor of this both 18NTC and AFPFC, the Giveffect Sales and Marketing teams from the Atlanta office was tasked with attending both conferences. The team of four spent an entire week in New Orleans, taking in the sites and sounds of the city, while also preparing to meet potential clients and partners and solidify existing relationships.

“Getting to meet a variety of new people within the nonprofit sector and learning about their roles within their organizations was a real learning experience,” says Anna McDaniel, one of the Atlanta sales team members who attended both conferences. “Seeing New Orleans for the first time and being at both the 18NTC and AFPFC conferences really enlightened me and helped me better understand our customers and their needs.”


“This was a great opportunity to see my colleagues in action,” says Sara Gage, also part of the Giveffect Atlanta sales team. “So often, our schedules do not allow for me to see my colleagues chat about the software with clients and perspective clients, so it was a great opportunity to get to know my team better and get to know them better professionally.”


Not only did Giveffect have experienced nonprofit sales professionals in attendance, we also had our Atlanta-based marketing team in New Orleans, tasked with capturing the vibe and feel of both 18NTC and AFPFC through photos, videos, daily blog posts, social media and the apps for 18NTC and AFPFC. “New Orleans was the perfect city to hold both conferences in,” says Brandon Benjamin, Digital Marketing Specialist for Giveffect. “It was a challenge for us to attend breakout sessions and talk to potential clients, but it was a lot of fun. By creating content and having to post it quickly, I learned a lot about what our potential clients.”


The Giveffect team that attended the 18NTC and AFP conferences was exposed to many professionals, from content creators to consultants to board members and executive directors. They even had conversations with industry leaders and wave makers like Jason Shim, Beth Kanter, Janice Chan, Jules Wilkins and even 18NTC Keynote speaker Luvvie Ajayi.


But beyond the interviews and the content creation, the Giveffect team was focused on learning about the issues and pain points of clients and potential clients, which included:


  • Important data confined to a silo

  • Using multiple systems that are not integrated

  • Frustration with manual data entry

  • Cumbersome systems

  • Onboarding that takes a long time

Thankfully, the Giveffect team had an answer for all of those issues: the all-in-one software system that remedies all of these issues. “I think we did a great job of introducing our product to those who had never heard of it,” says Gage. “We got lots of questions about how we compare to other software systems, who our biggest competitor is and the size of our average client, and we really took charge in presenting the company as one that could serve their software needs by focusing on the product and what it can do.”


“Many people we spoke with had never heard of Giveffect,” says McDaniel. “I feel we did a great job of explaining the company and the software and also being welcoming. We often had multiple people at our booth, even when other exhibitors around us did not.” The interest in Giveffect at both 18NTC and AFPFC did not seem to fade, which speaks to the desire for the product in the market.


Even with all of the successes and triumphs, there is still more room for improvement. The opportunities to host a breakout sessions, having a greater involvement with the conference mobile apps, and doing interviews with content creators about Giveffect are opportunities that stand out. Still, Giveffect’s attendance at 18NTC and AFPFC was a positive learning experience for the newly formed Giveffect Atlanta team. We’re looking forward to returning in 2019!

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