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18NTC and AFPFC: The Importance of Social Justice

This year’s 18NTC and AFPFC conferences in New Orleans will be jam-packed with great information and fun events from some of the best and brightest people in nonprofit tech and fundraising worlds. However, there will also be a number of presentations given at both conferences that will dive deeply into issues of social justice.


Representatives from various nonprofit organizations will be in attendance at both 18NTC and AFPFC, and Giveffect will be there to serve those nonprofits. They represent a number of pressing social issues that need constant attention from problem solvers. Furthermore, many of the presentations will focus on a number of social justice matters. A short list of pressing topics that will be highlighted at these conferences includes:


Community building

Supporting diversity

Digital inclusion

Promoting board diversity

Amplifying underrepresented voices in Tech

Resistance movements

Gender equity

Sexual harassment and bullying

Minority and historically excluded fundraisers


Not only will various nonprofits representing different societal challenges be in attendance, but conference many conference educational sessions will cover a number of social justice issues, as well. Below are the titles as snippets of some of the topics to be covered:

-Net Neutrality, Governing the Web and Building an Internet for All (18NTC)- Many of the Internet services that we take for granted are still out of reach for millions of Americans and billions of people around the world. This session will cover what role both individuals and nonprofits can play in making Internet more accessible for more people

-Sexual Harassment: Is Nonprofit Sector Safe for All? (AFPFC)- This session will focus on how sexual harassment is common in any workplace, how it can effect productivity and company culture and how power, bias and privilege play into this issue.

-Being a Professional Fundraiser in the Alt-Right Era (AFPFC)- This session will focus on creating a forum for open, honest discussion and finding answers and solutions for minority and other historically excluded fundraisers who may face resistance and have trouble maintaining professional integrity during the current times.


Both 18NTC and AFPFC will be breeding grounds for talking about many social issues openly and honestly and start dialogs. Both conferences are more than just chances to sell products, but also real opportunities to help nonprofits fulfill their missions and solve real problems, no matter what they may be.


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