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18NTC: Day Three Recap, Problem-solving

18NTC wrapped up with several breakout sessions focused on problem-solving. Issues of how to use tech for social good and social change, how important representation and inclusion have become, and what tools and methods should be used to move forward made for a lively final day in New Orleans. The Giveffect team spent it’s final day at 18NTC in just a few of these session.

Women in Nonprofit Tech

“Women in Nonprofit Tech” was an open forum discussion about the issues faced by many women employees and leaders regarding the tech used by nonprofits to move their organizations forward. Sessions leaders Molly Park and Alexis Perrotta helped to lead a lively discussion covering topics such as hiring bias, underrepresentation, self care, salary negotiation, and even the fear of investment in the education of women in nonprofit tech.

Embracing Change for Project Success

In this presentation, attendees were tasked with working through scenarios that would help them in their own organizations with issues of resistance to changes in technology and managing that change within the project. Session leaders Smita Vadakekalam and Courtney Calvin are experienced in what it means for organizations and their employees to be resistance to changes in technology and they brought that expertise to a thoroughly informational problem-solving session.

Marketing Complexity to Diverse Audiences

Session leaders Lauren Suiter, Gerard Miller and Christian Salazar, all from Brooklyn Neighborhood Services, went overĀ a case study of how they designed a web platform for educating coastal communities on flood risk. In addition, they talked about developing a homeowners education program for those same residents and how these educational tools have impacted their community. The most important takeaways from this session were how to understand a fragmented, sometimes fractured audience and how to devise a successful approach to community outreach.

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