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4 Monthly Reports to Help Better Your Donor Relationships


“How can you improve something you can’t measure?” At Giveffect, we understand that nonprofits must define and track their efforts in order for them to determine if they are successful.


Giveffect’s reporting and querying features not only provide the ability to measure the criteria that matter most to you but also, help leverage that data at every aspect of your nonprofit. Giveffect empowers you to create detailed reports that provide insights on all types of transactions. You have a full 360-degree view of your supporters by pulling reports on online & offline donations, campaign funds, volunteer hours, and more. Our detailed reports help you analyze your donor lifecycle and improve on cultivating relationships with your donor base.


With Giveffect’s reporting system, you can work smarter, not harder. In addition to the over 30 canned reports built in the system, Giveffect’s powerful and effective reporting feature allows you to share your reports and queries easily across departments. With our automated scheduling feature, you can schedule and email reports and queries directly to yourself or any of your relevant team members.  Schedule these 4 monthly reports to track the progress of your fundraising goals and gain insights to better your donor relationships.


  • New Donors Report

Expanding your donor database is essential to increasing your fundraising revenue but acquiring new donors can be quite costly, both in terms of dollars and time. Research shows that only 19% of new donors will contribute again. Ensure that you’re not wasting resources by keeping track of your new donors and holding your organization accountable to their donor acquisition goals.  Show your new supporters how much their gift means to your organization and create touchpoints to continue to build those lasting relationships.


  • Lapsed Donor Query

Don’t forget the supporters who have shown us love before! While it is important to think about expanding our donor database, cultivating lasting relationships with existing donors is far less expensive than acquiring new donors.  Be proactive and develop a donor re-engagement plan, for different giving levels, for donors that have fallen to the wayside. Use our “Advanced Search” feature within our “Contacts” tab to identify these donors and determine the best outreach to win them back.  For our mid-level to large donors, we’ll make our touches more personal with a phone call or direct mail appeal. For smaller donors, perhaps we’ll send an exciting renewal campaign directly from our querying feature.


  • Solicitation Summary

We communicate with our supporters through various types of solicitations, encouraging meaningful interactions with our organization. Based on the goals you’ve set, use our solicitation summary to see which interactions have been the most effective. Gain a better understanding of what your audience is attaching to most and tweak your outreach to reflect what they want to hear from you.


  • Top Donor Report

Avoid missing out on prospective major gift donors by analyzing your monthly top donor report. Major gifts are crucial to nonprofits and their fundraising revenue. Your monthly donors who have made significant gifts are prime prospects for further engagement.  Examine your solicitations to these donors to deepen that relationship. What is motivating them to give? What’s their potential? Are they receiving the proper outreach?


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