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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Corporate Giving

Corporate giving is an essential growth strategy for nonprofit organizations. Aligning mission and vision with corporations creates opportunities for success through increased engagement from employees. Amplifying nonprofit organizations’ corporate fundraising is possible through amplifying corporate efforts. When the core values of employees, corporations and nonprofits align, the impact is much greater. Companies can empower their employees to participate in corporate giving by understanding what motivates them and learning more about their passions and interests. As a nonprofit, it is important to consider these factors when engaging corporate donors. Here are 5 ways to encourage corporate giving and increase engagement:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Workplace Giving (5K, Marathon, Golf Tournaments) Hosting a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser takes the stress out of connecting with the right people to make sure your dollars are being accounted for. Hosting and participating in events such as: 5K’s, marathons and golf tournaments is a fun and easy way to involve corporations and engage employees in many different ways. Healthy competition can stem from peer-to-peer campaigns; challenging employees to advocate even more than before. Also, launching peer-to-peer campaigns is a powerful tool to increase a nonprofit’s donor base. Employees register to create teams and maximize the opportunity for friends, family and coworkers to become donors and/or volunteers.

2. Corporate Sponsorships Offering corporate sponsorships is an easy method companies use to increase exposure through media efforts and develop stronger relationships with nonprofit organizations. Not only does corporate sponsorship foster strong relationships, but it also distinguishes the company and builds awareness of the brand. It’s a win-win! Nonprofits increase funding and corporations increase awareness and positive publicity. Corporate sponsorships encourage leadership and employees to attend events and participate through volunteering and/or financial giving.




3. Community Grants Researching and applying for community grants that will further impact the mission and vision of the nonprofit can go a lot further when your nonprofit and the corporate organization aims to meet similar goals. There are corporate foundations that issue grants to nonprofit organizations because the impact of their mission could be a direct benefit to the company. For example, youth development nonprofits that promote education and equipping students with technology could find it mutually beneficial to complete a grant from a tech-based company. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the technology industry and corporations will help develop the next generation of talent and future industry leaders.


4. Employee Giving Participation (Matching Gifts) Employees are interested in growing within a sustainable and socially responsible workplace. Through workplace giving, employees are participating in workplace initiatives and incentivized to give. Companies support their employees by matching dollar for dollar or even more. When employees feel that corporations share their same values, the impact of matching gift programs creates an opportunity for nonprofits to engage more constituents. Flexible and genuine matching gift programs can boost employee morale immensely.  




5. In-Kind Donations In-Kind giving enables nonprofits to provide services and goods to the community through the assistance of surrounding organizations. These donations serve as an additional source of revenue for nonprofits and allows them to use their time to source volunteers and increase outreach in the community. Oftentimes, nonprofits such as food banks benefit from corporate in-kind donations as a company may host can drives, which gather leaders and organizations within the community around this communal goal. This allows nonprofits to dedicate their time to their mission and vision. Specifying what is needed for in-kind donations, whether that be goods, services or space, it is a great way to plan as donations are received.


Giveffect’s software supports nonprofits efforts to engage corporate giving. Through smart automation, all of the metrics needed to maintain healthy relationships with sponsors, leads and in-kind donors are made simple. Giveffect’s 10-in-1 nonprofit solution empowers organizations to work with the community and develop innovative strategies to exercise their mission.


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