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A Nonprofit Professional’s Guide to Getting the Most out of New Orleans

April will be a busy month for nonprofit professionals as many of them make their way to New Orleans for two of the biggest technology and fundraising-focused conferences in the world: the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference (18NTC) from April 11-13 and the International Fundraisers Conference (AFPFC) from April 14-17.


With all of the work that will be done and deals that will be made, it is almost certain that some of the attendees for both conferences will nee some time to unwind and take in the city of New Orleans. So Giveffect has put together a short but informative list of some awesome sites and events to be part of. Hopefully, on your downtime from the conference, you’ll be able to get a little taste of the Bayou!


Visit Café Du Monde

It’s considered one of the premiere landmarks of New Orleans. With three locations, one that is open 24 hours, Café Du Monde will attract a lot of guests, visitors and first timers with its world famous coffee and beignets. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and send them to your family as proof that you visited a New Orleans institution.

Take the Three-Hour City Tour of New Orleans

Billed as a truly comprehensive tour of the city, the world-famous three-hour tour takes visitors on a trip that includes the French Quarter and the Ninth Ward. The tour covers nearly 300 years of New Orleans history. Get a glimpse of New Orleans’ culture, architecture, culinary habits and more. It’s both the perfect time-killer and history lesson all wrapped up in one.


Attend Wednesday at the Square

Music festival fans will love this one. Wednesday at the Square is a free music festival that takes place in Lafayette square. Running from mid-March to late May, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day of working a conference. And it’s something that 18NTC and AFPFC attendees will be right on time to attend! For more information, visit the official website.


Go to Madame John’s Legacy

Officially declared a historical attraction of New Orleans in the 1970s, Madame John’s Legacy features some of the finest French architecture in the city. Plaques are placed throughout the house, which document the interesting history of the building. It’s the perfect stop for the history buff in your group.


A Stroll through City Park

Just looking to unwind in some beautiful, warm southern weather? Then you’ll want to take in City Park. It’s the perfect time of year to witness the beauty of nature in New Orleans. With many natural attractions and plenty of free things to do in the park, visitors to New Orleans can get in tune with nature and wildlife and enjoy a different side of the city.


What are you planning on doing with your downtime from 18NTC and AFPFC? Let us know!

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