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AFPFC 2018: Day One Recap

The Association of Fundraising Professionals International Fundraising Conference (AFPFC) started today with general and breakout sessions that made for eye-opening information and an environment of focused networking. Giveffect was there to take it all in. Here are some of the highlights from Day One.

Building Resilient Communities – General Session

The City of New Orleans was the spotlight of this general session as experts in fundraising, emergency management and business discussed the resiliency of the community and how New Orleans continues to thrive in spite of its many challenges. Moderated by Ellen Lee of the Department of Community Development in New Orleans, presenters discussed how important it is to be resilient in the face of adversity, and how New Orleans continues to evolve after the natural disasters of yesteryear.

Has the Nonprofit Sector Lost its Moral High Ground- Breakout Session

Denny Young, Gail Picco and Daryl Upsall discussed ways to make fundraising more inclusive and more diverse in this candid session. Young even talked at length about how new generations of potential fundraisers are no longer interested in prolonged, drawn out fundraising plans, but instead want to see real results. It was an eye-opening moment for fundraisers of all stripes.

Through The Looking Glass: See Your Organization Through Your Volunteers Eyes- Breakout Session

Last year in the U.S., about 63 million volunteers gave close to 8 billion hours for a value of $184 Billion. Presenter Helen Arnold of Arnold & Associates in Las Vegas, NV detailed why people volunteer, ways in which organizations, what questions organizations need to ask to make staff/volunteer relationships better, and what both volunteers and organizations should expect when it comes to volunteer management.

Better Together: Building Stronger Staff/Volunteer Relationships- Breakout Session

Having a strong, diverse board can mean the difference between a successful nonprofit and one that is merely treading water. Presenters Juliana “Jules” Wilkins of COMPAS and Jermaine L. Smith of Tulane University took time to reflect on their time as part of the Young Leadership Council of New Orleans and discussed the three step process for getting the most out of your board: innovation, engagement, and appreciation. Knowing how to get the most out of your board, focusing on their needs and making them a priority are all things that Wilkins and Smith know about hands down.

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