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Giveffect is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that streamlines your online fundraising systems into one platform.


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Always at Your Fingertips – The Cloud Advantage

As the business world continues to change, and as the pandemic has forced change to evolve more quickly, flexibility is a must. You have to be able to get your vital information at all times, and it could make or break big opportunities in a world that doesn’t want to wait. 
Giveffect provides that access to all of your key nonprofit systems, from any computer, instantly — all online. All of your key files are a click away on your laptop. You can access it anywhere with an internet connection. 
“This system puts donor database needs with your volunteer management needs along with public relations,” Pam E, Executive Director, said. “Plus the fact it’s web-based makes it easy to access at any time.”
And it is all in one integrated, connected system. Volunteers, fundraising, events, major gifts, and more, all in one CRM, and all connected to a marketing system. No more pulling Excel files from one program to another, and having to combine data sets by hand. It can all be done instantly with a click for any report or mail list. 
“By switching to Giveffect we have eliminated having to use multiple platforms to function,” Kris H., Office Manager, said. “Everything was separate for us before and we basically were spending a ton of time moving between software, platforms, and systems that didn’t communicate well together and/or did not allow us to present the look and feel of our agency. With Giveffect we can easily accomplish all of our tasks from one platform AND on the front end of things it integrates seamlessly with our own website!”
This flexibility is also great not only from a community response perspective, but also for your staff and volunteers who use these systems. This system allows your staff and volunteer to work from wherever they are most comfortable, and as flexibility is more important than ever, it can be a major benefit for your organization. 
It’s not about only flexibility, but also the ability to access the systems as a whole and create reports that can be representative of your larger organization. 
For example, you can create a report in an instant on how many of your volunteers attended events. Or how many donors are volunteers. All the information is in one, connected system and can be instantly cross-referenced in reports. 
Perhaps you want to send just those that attended a fundraising walk event and raised over $300 an email. You can create groups and send certain groups of people targeted emails. You can then create a report and tag a group quickly. Or perhaps you want to create a group of volunteers of over 50 hours and over $500 raised? You can in Giveffect. 
Even if you are attending an event away from home, and you develop a great idea for an email, you can pull out your laptop and send a targeted email to a specific group in an instant. 
“The functionality is so much better, being a cloud-based system, Giveffect is much more manageable because our old system was constantly freezing or shutting down,” Kathleen C., Sponsorship Manager, said. “Also, the old system had really bad customer service, we could never get any questions answered and sometimes couldn’t even get a response. Giveffect gets so much credit for having people there even on Friday night to help people with their chat support questions.”
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