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Annual Giving and Database Manager: How Giveffect makes their job easier

The job of an Annual Giving and Database Manager is to build an effective annual giving program and a supporting database. This is one of the most important jobs within a nonprofit organization. Why? Because a nonprofit relies heavily on having a sound, solid database that it can turn to and search through for help with annual giving and more kinds of fundraising. This type of manager needs to be able to convert names in a database into regular annual supporters, serve as an identifier of potential prospects that can become regular donors, set objectives, goals, and deadlines, oversee budgets, and oversee people. In other words, the Annual Giving & Database Manager must be someone with a wide range of financial, development and leadership skills if the nonprofit organization they are working for is to succeed.


Being responsible for the oversight of multiple direct mail projects, statistical reporting and analysis, cleaning and managing a mailing list, and donor prospect research are tasks that cannot be entrusted to just anyone. The Annual Giving and Database Manager is privy to very sensitive information about the organization and about its supporters/donors. So being the Annual Giving and Database Manager can be seen as a balancing act between the analytical, the managerial and the monetary. Taking a closer look at this manager’s duties will reveal the true importance of the role. These duties likely include:

  • Develop and lead a comprehensive annual appeal program geared towards alumni groups, e-campaigns, giving societies, focus on new donors, and increasing average gift amounts.
  • Be a lead member in converting a database of thousands of alumni and friends to annual supporters.
  • Developing fundraising strategies and integrate with the Development Director and their team.
  • Serve as an active prospective donor identifier, targeting prospects for personal visits and moving annual donors through the donor pyramid into the next giving level.
  • Create connections between and among people, events, programs, and their associated connections and communities.
  • Responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data.
  • Develop and maintain efficient systems for data cleansing, data entry, gift processing, prospect research, and relationship management.
  • Oversee various budgets, progress, deadlines, goals and objectives related to department and responsibilities.
  • Provides excellent customer service, anticipating and exceeding the needs of our customers.
  • Other duties as assigned.

With all of these duties in tow, an Annual Giving and Database Manager needs to have a system in place with tools that will help them to conveniently grow the organization’s database and make it into a reliable source of giving and fundraising. Thankfully, Giveffect is all that and much more. It is an all-in-one, inclusive, integrated system that allows a Database manager to more easily and conveniently follow through on their jobs and projects. It also gives them a 360-degree view of everything going on within the nonprofit organization, as it does for every department and employee.


Let’s say that you want to do more to move your major gifts prospects through the pipeline so that they can become regular major donors. Giveffect’s integrated system makes it simple to understand donor activity so that you can keep those donors and also target the right kind of donor prospect going forward. You can do this with the DonorSearch API. You must already have a DonorSearch account to use this feature. However, if you do, using DonorSearch as integrated with Giveffect gives you a richer, fuller picture of how donors behave and fit into your overall strategy.


The Annual Giving and Database Manager and their team can also see a comprehensive overview of a constituent’s donation history. This is found by first going into the back end of the software and, on the navigation bar at the left, clicking on the CRM tab, then going into the Wealth Screening tool. This is one of the most important views an Annual Giving and Database Manager and their team will see because it gives them a game plan as to how to keep their current donors, but also how to gain new ones.


Giveffect also provides robust reporting and querying features that allow an Annual Giving and Database Manager to quickly search through hundreds or thousands of records in seconds. They can customize reports or pull canned reports on a number of areas, especially concerning donors and the donations that they make. To access reporting features, click the Reports tab in the left navigation bar. You can also create a query from the Opportunities tab, as well as the CRM tab, also located in the left navigation tab. The result is what we see below: a report on total, largest and average donations, as well as the number of donations, from our most important donors.

And with Smart Automation, our signature technology tool and the connecting element that weaves all systems in Giveffect together and allows all of the software systems to be automated, the Annual Giving and Database Manager’s job becomes even easier. That’s because everything that happens in the Giveffect on the front end, from moving names within the database from being only names to annual donors, to creating tax receipts, is automatically updated on the backend of the software system. Smart Automation ensures that all of the systems used by our Annual Giving and Database Manager and department on a regular basis are connected and fully integrated with one another. Meaning: your online giving & merchant system is connected to your volunteer management system. Your email marketing & direct mail system is connected to your website and web hosting system. Your fundraising and events system is connected to your nonprofit management system. And so on.

As you can see, it’s a large and daunting job. One that requires whoever fills it to be on top of their game all of the time. So how can the job of an Annual Giving and Database Manager be made easier, while also ensuring that the department and the organization stays on point with and exceeds it developmental and financial goals.

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