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Auction Software Systems: How Does Giveffect Stack Up?

Fundraising software systems come in many forms. And plenty of nonprofit organizations are opting to implement fundraising software that allows them to conduct live auctions and events. This being the case, an auction software system should be able to help a nonprofit organize its events, help to manage the bidding process, and should be able to market an auction to the largest possible audience. Although many auction systems can help a nonprofit to do these things, they may still require some degree of manual data entry and are likely not integrated with other systems to work seamlessly together. It may be a good idea to ask this questions of your own fundraising and/or auction system.


That is why the auctions software module within the Giveffect system was created. This module will turn any fundraising campaign into your very own auction website. From simple online bidding to silent auctions, manage all your auction items, keep track of bidders, correspondence, all the way to payment. Constituents can also bid on the go via tablet, mobile phone or any device without having to connect to Wifi or using any other software. Therefore, the auction software module can do what other competing software systems can do…but it also does more.


For example, because of the Smart Automation feature, the Giveffect fundraising and events management system allows organizations to embed auctions into fundraising campaigns, allowing everything for that campaign to be conducted in one place. Not only are people then able to donate to the campaign itself, but they are also able to bid on auction items directly online. With auctions being a great way to maximize fundraising efforts, Giveffect has created an auction tool that gives unlimited auctions with any campaign, branded auction pages, streamlined payment and fulfillment, live event broadcast, and more.

Not only does the Giveffect auction system do all of these things, but there is also the option of mobile bidding. Auction participants can make bids on an auction from anywhere using a mobile device. They can receive updates and notifications when they are being outbid. With the optional SMS Text-to-Bid, bidders can simply send a Text message to the dedicated mobile number to place a bid.



But as always, the best part of the auction system is the way it is seamlessly connected to other systems within Giveffect, via Smart Automation. Auction bidders are automatically tracked in a nonprofit’s database with rich data tagging. This allows for your nonprofit to easily track those donors who are who are prone to give more and generate reports on them. You can also more easily contact and thank bidders and participants via email. All of this makes auction fulfillment and reconciliation much easier and takes away the need for manual data entry.


In the end, there are several questions to ask of your fundraising system: Is your nonprofit organization using one that will allow for auctions, be they live or silent, to take place? More importantly, is your fundraising, events and auction system connected to other nonprofit systems that will talk to each other and allow you to generate necessary information in the form of reports and queries more easily and eliminate the need for manual data entry? If the answer to either or both of these questions is no, allow us to show you how a fundraising system that does include auction tools works. We guarantee you will be surprised at the results.

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