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Automate Your Bowl For Kids’ Sake Event Management With Giveffect

Your Bowl For Kids’ Sake event is a few weeks away and your team is gearing up for one of the biggest events of the year.

And then last year’s event reminds you of all the manual data entry you had to work through. You begin dreading the hours you spent importing and exporting data to do even the most simple tasks.

Have you ever found yourself wishing for an extra set of hands to manage repetitive workflows for your next Bowl For Kids’ Sake event? Try a connected and integrated software instead. A unified software approach can automate multiple tasks across your organization, from email marketing to fundraising and everything in between.

Below are 3 ways Giveffect streamlines event management for Bowl For Kids’ Sake events across the country.

Automate team registration for event attendees.

Have you ever audited the registration flow your donor’s experience when signing up for your event? For example, If someone simply wants to donate to your event rather than attend, do they need to use a separate link?

These may seem trivial now but think about the compounding burden this will put on your team. Using an event management software along with a separate fundraising software can create operational headaches that breed manual data entry. Furthermore, separate donation and registration workflows can drive friction for potential supporters that simply don’t exist in a connected nonprofit software.

Let’s see how Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana makes it simple for their supporters to create their own team, join an existing team or register as an individual and even donate without registering at all.



Have donors who’d like to just contribute? No problem.


All this data is reconciled with what exists in the CRM, and via Smart Automation, is intelligently updated if any changes are detected relative to what currently exists. Furthermore, any donation data, event registrations or other interactions are synced with the donor record, which can be queried for later on in a custom report.

Automate Financial Reconciliation & Reporting

Being an organization that is driven by data is paramount to making swift and informed decisions to move the ball forward. This couldn’t be any more pertinent when trying to delve into the donation different channels your event may have. However, if you’re using 2-3 different software to manage your event, how can your team accurately determine which donates came from where without manually reconciling the transactions after the fact?

Within the Giveffect backend, organizations can preemptively take action against this via mapping their various general ledger codes for a campaign. So regardless of how a donation enters your organization, it moves throughout your system with crucial information regarding the donation’s appeal, which fund it will be applied to and even which account it should be deposited into. Moreover, with grouping, you can further your donor segmentation practices to add even more insights to your fundraising strategy.



When it’s all said and done, constructing custom reports help illustrate the data in the best way possible for your team. But how is your software stack simplifying reporting on your data?

Reporting on fragmented data could take days to get a clear picture of how your event performed relative to other efforts. However, Giveffect clients are empowered to motivate their team to iterate on that data with robust reporting offering that takes minutes to generate and permeate through the organization.



Automate Email Marketing Outreach

A well-developed fundraising strategy is always comprised of consistent outreach, especially after an event of this magnitude. Some argue that follow up is the most important part of the donor experience and can go along way in enhancing donor retention. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, all organizations agree that follow up is important for the success of any event.

And then it hits you like a brick. You have so many sources of constituent data that even an email campaign becomes a tedious chore of manual data entry. You’d also like to add a personal touch to each email to go the extra mile, but how can you easily access their donation data and integrate that into your email software?

Enter Giveffect. Big Brothers Big Sisters across the nation use our email marketing and direct mail system to create email campaigns for a constituent base of any size. And with customized mail merge features, accessing donor data such as past donation amounts, year to date transaction totals and even custom fields is simplified and streamlined. And offering customized HTML as well as a WYSIWYG editor, anyone in your nonprofit is empowered to create beautiful emails that go above and beyond.

Email Marketing Big Brothers Big Big Sisters

Indeed, planning a successful Bowl For Kids’ Sake event is a tall task. It takes weeks to months of preparation and a concerted effort from your team to make your BFKS event a reality. However, the role your software plays is paramount to the success you will have, and its crucial that your technology can automate your workflows so you can focus more on having an amazing Bowl For Kids’ Sake event.

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