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Bridging the Digital Divide is More Important Than Ever

Nonprofits have learned a lot of lessons during COVID19 about flexibility and preparation. Having the right personnel with the right software at the right time can make the difference in securing a major gift or helping those in need in your community. 
Working from home has become a must during the pandemic for many organizations, but that same mobile flexibility will continue to be important. Whether working on the road when reaching out to clients, at high-level board meetings, or if an employee needs to be out of the office due to family demands, it’s critical to have that access. And the simpler and more efficient you can make the process, the better for your clients, staff and volunteers. 
It’s just not just building this “bridge” to accessibility, like having all your programs accessible in the cloud. But, it’s about building a better bridge; an entire system that works together throughout your entire organization. Multiple cloud systems that don’t function together efficiently only solve half the problem. 
Giveffect is a better bridge that ties all the nonprofit software together in one, easy-to-access system and all the Giveffect systems (from giving, volunteer, events, member, major gifts, the CRM, marketing, and more) are all accessible from any computer or mobile device. 
“By switching to Giveffect we have eliminated having to use multiple platforms to function,” office manager Kris H. said. “Everything was separate for us before and we basically were spending a ton of time moving between software, platforms and systems that didn’t communicate well together and/or did not allow us to present the look and feel of our agency.”
And with everything in the same software, reports are simple, even cross reports between different functions/departments. 
For example, different sets of data can be in different systems, like event attendance, volunteer time, and donation amounts. But in Giveffect, the system tells you how many of your volunteers are also donors, how much they give, when, which events they attend more, all with the click of a button. You can even select different groups based on the results and quickly and easily send different emails to different groups based on their activity levels in any aspect of the organization. 
You can even set up and edit your own website – drag and drop! Are you on the road at a major event and want to update new photos from the event for your community? It’s easy with Giveffect’s system for quick edits from the hotel room, without involving any IT or web team. 
Giveffect allows for each admin to have one login, to access all your fundamental systems. All user-friendly with professional tools and templates to make everyone in your organization’s job easier. 
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