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Case Study: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham

Nonprofit organizations are the lifeblood of Giveffect’s clientele. Our exclusive focus on nonprofits is what we hang our hat on. We seek to serve those organizations that are already serving the needs of the public in a number of capacities.


One of the organizations that continues to do so much in the vein of serving the public good is Habitat for Humanity. The Greater Birmingham chapter of Habitat for Humanity is one of the largest chapters that is also a Giveffect client. They have primarily used Giveffect to improve their fundraising campaigns and other efforts. After going for a long time without a way to properly create a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, the Greater Birmingham chapter implemented Giveffect, and the results improved these fundraising efforts drastically.


Click here to learn more about how Giveffect made drastic improvements to the peer-to-peer and other fundraising efforts at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham.

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