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Case Study: Unicorn Children’s Foundation

Our clients empower their constituents to build safe, happy and healthy communities for the youth. Unicorn Children’s Foundation is dedicated to building communities of acceptance, support and opportunity to help kids and young adults with special needs by creating and funding cradle to career initiatives.

In this case study we highlight how implementing Giveffect’s software helped Unicorn Children’s Foundation increase engagement throughout the community and help them achieve their objectives. At the heart of Unicorn Children’s Foundation’s success with Giveffect is their use of Giveffect’s Contact & Relationship Management System. As a result, the organization’s daily functions change drastically and efficiency increases while simultaneously boosting morale within the staff.

Want to learn more about Unicorn Children’s Foundation and their road to efficiency? Click here to get the full story and see how this nonprofit empowers the Board, donors and volunteers to build an even stronger community of acceptance, support and opportunity.