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Case Study: Catholic Charities of Omaha

Giveffect is a company that is fueled by the success of our clients. One of those clients is Catholic Charities of Omaha, and organization that was looking for a way to take a more focused approach to their daily operations.


In our latest case study, we take a closer look at Catholic Charities of Omaha and what they have been able to do with Giveffect. A nonprofit that has existed since 1926. Catholic Charities of Omaha has been serving their local community for over 90 years. The organization serves the many needs of their surrounding community through their programs and services, advocacy, outreach, and education.


Want to get more information on how Catholic Charities of Omaha uses Giveffect? Click here to download a copy of Catholic Charities of Omaha’s story. We invite you to continue following our case studies to get a glimpse into all that we do for our clients and what we can do for you.

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