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How Giveffect Can Help your Children’s Charity


Making sure that children are happy, healthy, protected, and given assistance is more important than ever. This being the case, the work of children’s charities has become more important in recent years. The focus of a children’s charity differs from nonprofit to nonprofit. Some stay focused on children’s health and well being, while others focus on exposing children to the arts. With there being nearly one million child-focused nonprofits in the country, there are plenty of nonprofit professionals working on improving the world for a new generation, and working on improving the overall lives of children. Here is a short list of what some of the most well known child-focused nonprofits do to benefit children in need:


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – does one on one mentor work with children

Boys & Girls Club of America– offers youth programs and activities in an after school setting everyday

Canine for Disabled Kids– provides assistance dogs to children under 12 who are autistic and have limited abilities

March of Dimes- dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality

Ronald McDonald House Charities- seeks to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children.


But even with so many organizations and so many people working at these organizations all focused on the well being of children across the country, they and their chapters need help in doing what they do for children. Big Brothers Big Sisters needs help when it comes to making sure young children obtain the right mentor. Ronald McDonald House Charities needs help in improving the health and well being of children across the country. The Boys & Girls Club of America needs help when it comes to offering youth activities of al kinds to the children in most need of them. The good news is that these organizations now have the potential to use an all-in-one, integrated and automated software tool that will help them to streamline their daily operations and create new opportunities to stay focused on the vision and missions of these child-focused nonprofits. That tool is Giveffect. And some of these organizations have already started using it, like the The Oahu chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawai’i and their Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraising campaign, powered by Giveffect.


Several Big Brothers Big Sisters chapters across the country, from Columbia, SC to Flagstaff, AZ, have implemented Giveffect as part of their nonprofit software program, and the list is growing. The same can be said for Ronald McDonald House Charities. In addition, growing children’s organizations like No Limits for Deaf Children in California have also benefitted from what Giveffect’s seamlessness and connected, coordinated nature. These organizations have taken a leap of faith and changed the way their software operates to become more efficient for the benefit of the children and families that they serve regularly. Below is an example of how No Limits for Deaf Children, one of our premier client end users, created a gala event website using Giveffect for an upcoming gala that will benefit its programs.


With the Giveffect software in tow, a children’s charity can do a lot more in terms of making sure administrative work and manual data entry are taken care of. These organizations already have a lot to content with in their operations, and clearly, no two days are the same. The typical child-focused nonprofit organization may have to delve into any one, several, or all of the following duties:


Recruiting volunteers

Creating after school programs

Screening possible mentors

Providing meals for children

Managing volunteers

Collecting donations of toys and supplies

Organizing online and offline donations


What is most convenient and efficient about Giveffect is that as a software system, it can literally automate all of these processes for any children’s charity, making it easier for them to focus more attention on where it needs to be: meeting the needs of the children and the families that they serve. Instead of having to move from one system to another and manually enter donation information, manually collect data on volunteers, or manually create a report on the amount of school supplies collected per year, Giveffect makes these duties easier by first ensuring that everything that is done in the front end of the system is automatically updated in the back end of the system. This means that whether you have to gather information on potential volunteers, or create an online fundraising campaign, you never have to leave the Giveffect platform. Furthermore, there is no need to enter manually enter information into an Excel spreadsheet, and Google Doc or any other kind of list, because this is done for you due to Giveffect’s signature tool, known as Smart Automation.


Smart Automation is the engine that drives the Giveffect software. It ensures that everything that is being done in the front of the software, like volunteer management and the management of in-kind donations, is automatically entered into the back end. Smart Automation also ensures that all of the systems found in the Giveffect software suite, such as the volunteer system, the email and direct mail marketing system and the website and web hosting system, are all talking to and in conjunction and connection with each other. Never again will it be necessary to use a separate email marketing software system, volunteer management software system and fundraising software system that is separate and disconnected from each other.



And for a children’s charity, Smart Automation also means that they can gather more and better information about the services that they offer form year to year with the reporting and querying features. Giveffect’s software system contains a number of ways to create and pull the reports needed to match information correctly and give the most accurate glimpse into what is happening with campaigns, volunteers, donations, and more. Plus, Giveffect allows for these reports to be created in just seconds. So it doesn’t take long to gather and distribute the information needed to make decisions to move an organization forward.


Giveffect makes all duties of a children’s charity as seamless, connected as integrated as they can possibly be. Because getting back to the business of helping the children served by these organizations is what is most important.


Want to learn more about how Giveffect can help you to streamline your children’s charity? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at


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