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Data Management Practices within Giveffect

Data is an invaluable asset to nonprofits but only when it’s accurate and you have the right solution to manage it. Every time a supporter makes a donation online, purchases a ticket to an event, Giveffect automatically collects valuable information about who your supporters are and how they are engaging with your organization.  However, data collection is just the first step to effective data management within Giveffect.


Just because organizations can store lots of data and information, that doesn’t mean your organization should.  Your nonprofit must be discerning when it comes to which valuable data should be stored and how it will be used. In order to avoid collecting unnecessary data, nonprofits should understand how they’ll be using their data.  More importantly, they need to be able to decide what data will help achieve their goals and maximize their outcomes. Measuring the amount of funds you’ve raised or the number of supporters who’ve attended your events, stored within Giveffect’s integrated system, can help you pinpoint particular efforts that have gone well (or not well).  


Data in and of itself is useless unless you do something with it. Data requires accumulation, context, formatting, and compilation in order to be useful. Analysis is all of those things. Data analysis will empower you to make informed decisions and take smarter actions. For that reason, nonprofits should develop an effective donor management strategy.  So, where do you begin? Well, when it comes to managing your nonprofit data, Giveffect’s integrated all-in-one solution can help! Our integrated CRM system centralizes all of your nonprofit data and provides robust tools for simple data management. 

4 Ways Giveffect helps with Data Management:

1. Build comprehensive donor profiles.

Using our smart automation, Giveffect automatically collects all of the information your supporters share. Maybe they’ve made an online donation, completed an event registration form, or they’ve signed up to volunteer, all of their interactions are compiled in one contact profile. It helps organizations have a full, complete view of all of your supporters’ interactions and preferences. With all of your data stored in one place, instead of across multiple platforms, your donor profiles can give you better insight into your supporters.  Often, nonprofits have to use integrations with their CRM solutions in order to connect their CRM with other tools they need to use, ie. email marketing or volunteer management. Instead, we offer a full solution that has all of the features you need.


2. Give supporters control over their data.

Giveffect allows your supporters to update their profile as they interact with your organization’s website.  Allowing your supporters to enter their own information, reduces the amount of manual data entry your staff has to do.  It eases the burden of data maintenance from your already busy staff. When supporters enter their data themselves, organizations will increase the chances of better data accuracy. Most importantly, it helps your supporters feel more like a unique contribution to your cause.

3. Make database maintenance simpler.

Despite minimizing manual data entry and having cleaner donor profiles, nonprofits must still keep up with routine database maintenance.  As a best practice, nonprofits should schedule time at least once a year to check for duplicates, clean out lapsed or deceased donors, and update unstandardized data.  Giveffect’s systems offer tools to assist in all of those areas, including our duplicate checker and powerful reporting tools.

4. Schedule regular staff training.

As you sift through your database during your regular maintenance check, keep track of trends that arise so that you can use your annual cleaning as an opportunity to improve your practices. For instance, if you’re seeing that staff members are entering names or titles in different formats, it could be time to update your data entry processes to confirm which format is preferred. Standardized formatting will make it simpler to sort through information, create segmented lists, and pull reports. You might also consider refreshing your team’s understanding of your organization’s best practices. If you’ve updated your policies or have brought on new team members, it’s a good idea to invest in some additional training. At Giveffect, we provide this ongoing support through various opportunities, including weekly live webinars, chat support, web tutorials and not for an additional fee.

Data management can seem like a challenging task. Many nonprofit organizations struggle to collect information and many organizations also struggle to find meaning in the information they collect. Data management requires a comprehensive strategy and technology that can support that strategy. With Giveffect, data management is done right. It can help you improve your nonprofit operations. Solid practices can help your organization make more informed decisions to support your organization’s mission.