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Preparing Your Nonprofit for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using technology to improve or modify current business processes, culture and services. This can be a successful experience by understanding what technology fits your needs. In fact, nonprofits have embraced digital transformation, but not to its full potential. With so many software systems available, how do you know which is right for your organization? Also, will this new technology improve departments across the organization? Choosing the right software is the beginning to making major improvements and gathering impactful data.

Most nonprofits are using 3-6 different software systems at a time. Each system provides different reporting and oftentimes results in multiple data sets that aren’t telling the same story. If you are looking to make a transition in software and change the trajectory of your organization, these tips will ensure a successful transformation:


  1. Gather impactful and clean data that can be used across departments to tell the same story
  2. Challenge teams to work together to use new technology to improve current processes and promote efficiency
  3. Create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals to help solve your current digital dilemmas


With all of the administrative tasks that are required for executing day-to-day workflows, it can be difficult serving others. Creating a plan of action changes the way you approach new technology. For example, implementing new software that benefits all departments is a digital transformation you can stand behind. Your departments are no longer siloed and they are working together to further your nonprofit’s mission.


Only 26% of organizations believe the software they currently use provides them with the data they need. One can’t assume that departments within the entire organization are in the same place when it comes to technology.Imagine the possibilities of utilizing 100% of your data from development to marketing. Each department is different and working with completely different data, and that can lead to an incohesive story and create additional work. Having software that speaks to each other and automates your process eliminates stress and allows you to do the work you love. Data impacts the decisions that are made within an organization and creates opportunities of transparency and development.


Digital transformation requires a plan that entails SMART goals. It also requires a collaborative and forward-thinking team that is prepared to solve digital dilemmas. As nonprofits are shifting from physical documentation to digital, their workflow is also changing. This allows them to be more creative and agile. Now is the time to let technology bring your teams together, streamline your work, and create new opportunities for you and members of your organization.


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