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Director of Volunteer Services – What Can Giveffect do for Them?

A director of volunteer services is responsible for coordinating volunteer events and services for their nonprofit organization. Usually they assist with recruitment and selection of volunteers, participate in the training of new volunteers, develop lines of communications with volunteers throughout their organization, and promote their organization’s volunteer programs. They work to create strong partnerships with other organizations. They follow along with important guidelines and protect sensitive data that volunteers divulge. They are tasked with building the volunteer pool as much as possible through whatever means are available. They have to be big on recruitment, training and coordination.


The job of a director of volunteer services is a big one, with lots of moving parts. It requires that the person in the position is able to work with people at many different levels and of differing personalities. It requires that an entire department of volunteers and staff who work with those volunteers are properly managed, directed, and given the right information about what volunteers need to best perform their tasks. A director of volunteer services has to ensure that everything in the Volunteer Service department runs smoothly, that everyone in the department stays on task, and that the goals of the department are met consistently.


But even with the job of director of volunteer services being as big as it is, Giveffect is a software system that is  built specifically to help those directors, as well as managers, supervisors, consultants and administrators, meet the needs of the volunteer services department more efficiently. With the volunteer management system, Giveffect helps to simplify volunteer operations for nonprofits of all sizes with extensive reporting features, automated data entry, and syncing volunteer activity with other aspects of a nonprofit organization. For directors of volunteer services and their staffs, this is a welcome change from trying to maintain and grow a volunteer base by using several different software systems that are not connected and do not speak to one another. All of this being evident, what can Giveffect help the director of volunteer services and the volunteer services department do? Here are a few things that Giveffect can help the director and the department do.


Create volunteer campaigns more easily and effectively

Volunteer campaigns give a nonprofit organization the ability to  raise awareness for volunteer opportunities, while at the same time enabling constituents to donate to a particular cause or project. And Giveffect makes it so that creating these campaigns will allow the staff of a nonprofits’ volunteer services department to get some of the weight off of the director’s shoulders. To create a volunteer campaign, all you need to do is navigate to the main sidebar, click Campaigns, select Create New Campaign, and proceed with making a new campaign to recruit volunteers to your cause. All of this information is updated in the backend due to Smart Automation, so there is no need to do any updates on the director or staff’s part.

Different volunteer jobs, shifts, and assignments can be created right in the backend of the Software

To create volunteer jobs, shifts, and assignments, you simply click on the CRM option on the main sidebar in the backend. From there, click the Volunteers tab, and you are taken to a place where you’ll automatically see options for adding volunteers, roles, assignments, jobs, shifts, and much more. Whether you need to specify who will be working a certain shift at an event, or if you need to schedule out assignments for your current volunteers, the volunteer option in the bak end allows you to do all of that and more without having to leave the platform. And all of the volunteer information is updated automatically, as always, due to Smart Automation.

Create reports that will help board members interpret data and make decisions more easily

The volunteer management tools in Giveffect can are integrated with your nonprofit’s constituent management database. This enables the volunteer services team to query through volunteers more efficiently and effectively. You can quickly and easily create reports pertaining to volunteer assignments and volunteer jobs, as well as reports that are more specified and custom to what your organization need to know about things such as volunteer hours, volunteer groups, and more.


Giveffect gives a director of volunteer services the necessary tools to be able to properly direct his or her entire staff and helps that director to oversee all important tasks in the volunteer services department . And due to our signature Smart Automation feature, your volunteer management system sits directly in conjunction with your website and web hosting system, your financial services system, and more. Because of this tool, your volunteer management system is connected to integrated tools that allow you to send out email addresses automatically, create reports at the drop of a hat, and reduce the need for data entry, because it is automated and ready to use. Due to Smart Automation, all of the information that is collected in the front end of any volunteer management process is automatically entered into our database without you having to do anything in the way of manual data entry.


The goal is always to make the job of the director of volunteer services easier and more efficient. And that’s exactly what a director of volunteer services gets with Giveffect and Smart Automation. We sincerely hope that your director of volunteer services is ready to have a to do list that is severely cut down due to what our software brings to the table.


Want to learn more about how Giveffect and Smart Automation can help your nonprofit organization strengthen its volunteer base? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at

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