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Disaster Relief Nonprofits: How They Can Benefit from Giveffect

When we think of disaster relief and emergency response organizations, we usually think of the large-scale disasters that we see on television that impact thousands of people at once. Hurricanes, tornados, and wild fires are just some of the bigger natural disasters that we seem to hear about every year. These disasters do tons of damage, impact thousands of lives, and keep us glued to television and social media. But behind the scenes, disaster relief and emergency response organizations have many everyday responsibilities outside of these major disasters that many people may not be privy to. Here are just a few of the duties that disaster relief and emergency response organizations conduct on a daily basis:


Organizing volunteers

Deploying volunteers

Organizing food and supplies for families

Helping families find and secure temporary shelter

Volunteer training and certification

Creating disaster relief fundraising campaigns

Distributing supplies to individuals/families impacted by disasters

Maintaining records of disaster relief activities

Issuing tax receipts to donors

Working with first responders (Fire, Police, EMT)

Helping individuals search for family members

Creating email and direct mail campaigns for disaster relief

Disaster relief and emergency response organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, All Hands Volunteers, Americares, and Samartian’s Purse provide disaster relief on a large scale to those who need in the most. But they also act locally and on a smaller scale. This means that they have to coordinate their efforts, keep track of volunteers, and keep track of and reconcile donations of all kinds. When a disaster relief or emergency response organization has to focus more on manual data entry and issues with administrative work, it can mean the difference between, for example, a family receiving the temporary but vital services that they need, or being left in the cold. This means that when a disaster relief organization is able to focus more on their mission, they can better serve their community and the people in it.


Giveffect is in the business of helping nonprofit organizations of all kinds. And disaster relief and emergency response organizations are no different. We believe that these organizations can benefit greatly from implementing an all-in-one, seamless, integrated software system that brings various systems together that can all speak to and feed off of each other. This is done through our Smart Automation feature, which integrates all of a nonprofit’s software systems and automates all time consuming work that goes into managing donors, volunteers, leads and contacts. What does this mean for a disaster relief or emergency response organization? It means that the organization is more easily able to do things such as organizing volunteers and creating jobs and job shifts for them, creating disaster relief fundraising campaigns, issuing tax receipts to donors and supporters, and pulling reports on how the organization did in responding to disasters year after year.


We’ll now take a look at some of the duties that Giveffect can automate for a nonprofit disaster relief or emergency response organization.

Organizing Volunteers for Response

Disaster relief and emergency management nonprofits have to respond to more than just large-scale disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. They also have to respond to smaller, more localized disasters such as home or apartment fires. Therefore, organizations have to ensure that many resources are accounted for, such as food, water and medical supplies. They also have to make sure that their volunteer force is organized in the most convenient manner possible to respond to these disasters everyday.


Giveffect gives disaster relief nonprofits a tool that can help these organizations to keep their volunteer base and its efforts as organized as possible with the volunteer management system. With this part of the Giveffect software, volunteer jobs, shifts, assignments and hours can be tracked, and are automatically entered into the backend of the system. With Giveffect, an organization can configure their entire volunteer system. Through the Charity Settings, the organization can ensure that a login is required by a potential volunteer, create a closed system in which a volunteer has to complete a volunteer application before being allowed to volunteer, can add the option of adding emergency contacts, and can set up auto check out for volunteers.

The organization can also add volunteer jobs and shifts for those jobs. All of this is done through the CRM database. Simply click CRM, and at the top where the tabs are located, click “Volunteers”, and then click “Jobs” and/or “Shifts” in the sub tabs. When these jobs and shifts have been created, the information is automatically entered into a volunteers’ individual page in the back end due to Smart Automation, our signature software feature. You as the user do not have to do anything because once everything is created on the users’ side, it is automated in the administrative side.

Overall, the volunteer management system helps a disaster relief or emergency response organization take care of and automate several steps in the volunteer onboarding process, from the volunteer application, to creating and maintaining volunteer positions, to even creating a check-in kiosk through the Event Buddy mobile app. And due to our signature Smart Automation feature, all of the information collected with each process in the front end of the process is automatically entered into the database without the user having to enter it.

Creating fundraising campaigns for disaster relief

More common natural disasters include home fires, floods, and thunderstorms. Disaster relief and emergency response organizations do not just respond to large-scale hurricanes and tornadoes. They also respond to the more common disasters that displace families’ everyday. So it is important for them to keep their funding up. And like any other nonprofit, they must do so through fundraising. The good news is that Giveffect gives disaster relief organization several different ways to make their fundraising ideas come to life, whether it is through a crowd funding campaign, a simple donation campaign, and events’ fundraising campaign, or some other method. Using our all-in-one, integrated software can increase donor records automatically within the Giveffect database by logging records from the fundraising system.


Let’s say that a local chapter of a disaster relief is starting a campaign to raise funds for home fires. Giveffect allows supporters to create fundraising campaign sites of their own that are tied directly to the organization. The organization uses Giveffect to create their third-party campaign page. From there, individuals who want to participate are allowed to create their own campaign page that is tied to the organization directly. Goals are tracked and progress is made with an online thermometer


Donors are automatically added to the organization’s Giveffect donor database because of Smart Automation. As always, everything that happens in the front end is automatically captured and stored in the back end. This means that all of the donations made and the funds raised are seamlessly and automatically entered into the back end without you as the user having to do it.


Creating/distributing annual reports of disaster relief activities

Any disaster relief or emergency response nonprofit worth its salt has to ensure that it is looking at its impact around its community on an annual basis. Doing so is made easier when you have an integrated, all-in-one, automated software system at your disposal.


Thankfully, Giveffect empowers nonprofits everywhere to have the tools they need to understand the big picture of their data. For a disaster relief organization, that might mean creating reports on how many families were serviced during the fiscal and/or calendar year, how many meals were distributed, the amount of funds dispersed to families annually, and more. To access reports that matter to that big picture, a user will navigate to the Reports tab at the left navigation bar in the back end f the Giveffect database. Then, the applicable reporting type is selected based on the information that is needed.


Giveffect allows you to create your own customized reports, or to used canned reports that already have the information you are looking for. Maybe these reports will be based on volunteer assignments or volunteer jobs. You can also create customized reports based on, for example, the number of volunteers that helped last fiscal year, or the number of teams that participated last calendar year. The best part is that these reports can be pulled in seconds so that they can be distributed to a board of directors and executive leadership. And as always, manual data entry is a thing of the past due to Smart Automation. Everything that happens on the user’s side of the software is automated and updated on the administrative side.


The best part of all of this is that for any disaster relief or emergency response organization, all of their information is automated and entered into the back end of Giveffect using Smart Automation, our signature tool that ensures everything that happens on the front end, no matter if it is disaster relief supplies donated or volunteers accounted for, are automatically entered into the back end, so that the user doesn’t have to do so.

In the end, disaster relief and emergency response organizations can greatly benefit from an integrated, automated, seamlessly connected, all-in-one software system like Giveffect. With the amount of administrative work and manual data entry that these types of organizations must contend with from day to day, it is important for them to have the right tools within a system that will help them to reduce those functions down so that their true work of responding to the needs of a community in disaster and emergency response situations can be met and exceeded.


Want to learn more about how Giveffect can help your disaster relief or emergency response nonprofits in its efforts? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at



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