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Donation Reporting and Analytics Made Simple

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of making online donations and fundraising easier. We highlighted how organizations such as the Chronicle of Philanthropy have shown that charities are now serving donors who are more comfortable donating online, and are beginning to become more comfortable even with donating on a mobile platform.


Simplifying the online donations process, as well as the reporting and analytics workflow, are of the utmost importance. At Giveffect, one of our biggest goals is to give as much information and as many examples as possible to help simplify these workflows in any and every way. We do this through several ways, but mainly through a series of webinars that we make available to our clients. In these webinars, we focus on giving as much information as possible to our clients and anyone using our system about the different components of our software.

In one of our latest webinars, we discuss the donation database at length, and what it can do for those who make the commitment to Giveffect. With donations being the biggest part of a nonprofit’s existence, the system to report donations must be seamless and uninterrupted. That’s what clients get with Giveffect. So not only is the system integrated and connected, it is also lends itself to being as accurate as possible. Clients can reset assured that in compiling reports on their donations, they will have the most accurate numbers possible to bring to their board and to go over with their staff.


Our efforts to educate and prepare our clients is what, along with a commitment to improving our product, are what set Giveffect apart from our competitors. We want our system to be the only system needed by nonprofit organizations in their efforts to enhance and improve what they do for their surrounding communities.



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