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Double the Donation is now LIVE on Giveffect

Double the Donation clients can now connect their account to all aspects of their Giveffect pages and fundraisers


Huge news! We have partnered with Double the Donation to bring their corporate matching tools into the Giveffect system. Now, clients of Double the Donation will have the employer gift matching option appear on any or all giving checkouts.  


If you’re unfamiliar, Double the Donation is a service that keeps track of companies that match the charitable donations of their employees. Often employees aren’t even aware of a charitable matching program that their employer offers. When someone makes a donation and their employer does match, the system flags the donation and alerts the donor, and informs them about how the match can be obtained. 


“We are excited to partner with Double the Donation and incorporate their offering into our donation pages” Giveffect Co-founder and COO Kevin Shin said. “We’re excited about the added versatility for our clients, allowing them to unlock untapped revenue streams, and cultivate new corporate relationships.”


If you’re a Double the Donation client, you can add that integration to your Giveffect account by going to your “Charity Settings” and then clicking on

Double the Donation is easy to set up and can be a part of any fundraising page.

“Donation Checkout,” as this feature is added to your donation checkout page. And you can select “Double the Donation at the tabs at the top of the inset window. 


Once you enter the Double the Donation tab, it’s as simple as putting in your API Key from Double the Donation and clicking the “enable” checkboxes. Then you should be set to choose if you want to add the Double the Donation tool on any Giveffect page you create! 


If you are unfamiliar with API Keys, check out this handy guide from Double the Donation:  


If you have any questions or problems during the setup, do not hesitate to reach out and contact Giveffect customer support.

If you are not a Double the Donation client now and want to learn more: