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Giveffect is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that streamlines your online fundraising systems into one platform.


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Email Marketing System: Giveffect’s Weekly Webinar

This week, our weekly webinar will be focused on our email marketing system. Earlier this week, we talked about the importance of having the right email marketing system and software in place so that you can reach your supporters more efficiently. Now, we will give a full, in depth tutorial on what the Giveffect can do for your nonprofit organization.

Giveffect makes it so that you can create the most effective email marketing campaigns as easily as possible.We want participants to learn how you can leverage our reporting and marketing tools to simplify your operational workflow. Be sure to register for tomorrow’s (7/06) webinar and learn as much as you can about how Giveffect makes your email marketing efforts stronger, more engaging and more simple at the same time. Register at this link and be sure to join us on July 6 for a great and  powerful webinar session.

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