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Employee Burnout: It’s a Real Problem

Burnout has long been an issue for nonprofit organizations. Often smaller budgets can mean more modest wages and smaller staff levels. This translates to a smaller group of people to do the job of an ideal-world larger team. 
A small team using mostly volunteers often ends up with the manager taking on an outsized portion of the work, while volunteers lend a hand when they can. But that uncertainty and mandatory work level, with an often uncertain workforce, leads to too many pressures for some employees. 
So maybe it’s not surprising when a study by Nonprofit HR in 2020 revealed an alarming stat: 45% of nonprofit employees are planning to seek new jobs by 2025.  
“These statistics are alarming and should serve as a warning to social impact organizations of all types who have not adapted a talent attraction strategy to remain competitive,” said Lisa Brown Alexander, CEO of Nonprofit HR told Forbes. “Gone are the days of talented professionals being willing to take a vow of poverty to work for a cause or a mission they are passionate about. The social sector, rich with diverse and rewarding career opportunities, has long faced the misperception of being low-paying with limited opportunities for professional growth.”
How Do Nonprofits Deal With It?
Hiring is often prohibitively expensive on a limited budget, based on all the costs surrounding new hires, from management to benefits. 
But what if you could make their job easier? Remove some of the stress and strain, the busy work, and help them get to the real core of helping their community. Help them do what they want to do, better. 
Giveffect helps you do that. Giveffect is a system that uses one CRM to track all volunteers, donors, event attendees, members, and more. And all in a system built for nonprofits with smart automation that does a lot of the busy work for you. 
No need for importing data from one program to another. Email automation that allows you to automatically send “thank you” notes and tax receipts. Integrated reports that allow you to compare every element, inside the same system. No need to cross-reference separate reports from separate systems from volunteers and donors, a single quick report in Giveffect can do that for you. 
And that’s what the employees want. They want to be out in the community making a difference. Not behind a desk reconciling reports. 
And getting out in the community can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your organization. Clients using Giveffect report an average of a 36 percent increase in volunteer engagement. And a 32.02 percent increase in fundraising revenues, compared to other fundraising software. 
It’s not just about employee support. It’s about helping your employees become more efficient and that helps create happier employees. By extension, it can also create a stronger bottom line and a bigger impact in your community. 
Don’t believe us? Try a demo of Giveffect today and see the difference Giveffect can make:
EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re suffering from more than burnout, like depression or other mental health issues, you can call the hotline of Mental Health America at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).