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Giveffect is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that streamlines your online fundraising systems into one platform.


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End of Year Giving the Giveffect Way

End of Year campaigns are typically a huge part of every nonprofit’s fundraising. Giveffect offers a system that can do the tedious chores for you, allowing you to spend more time focused on fundraising and end-of-year events. 
Setting up your Fundraising
Giveffect helps you with every aspect of setting up a new fundraising campaign. From setting up a webpage to coordinate your fundraising, to emails letting your donors know about your new campaign, Giveffect guides you through the process! 
You develop the idea. Giveffect will help you put it into action with quickstart templates and an automated CRM.
Progress is instantly tracked using reports and real-time dashboards that are all included with the Giveffect system for overall results and per campaign.  You can break down and track your results in a variety of reports that can be done in an instant, across your entire organization. 
If you want to find out how many general donors give, and how much, run a quick report. If you want to find how many volunteers give and how much, run a quick report. If you want to find out how many event attendees give, you can run a report. You can also break the reports down by event, donor drive, or how people volunteer. 
End of Year Events
Events, digital or in-person, can be the key to fundraising projects and end of year is usually no different. With Giveffect we give you all the tools to set up your fundraisers, whether it is an auction, peer-to-peer fundraising, team fundraising and more. Everything is covered from ticket sales, registration automation, a website, and even auction hosting services. 
The CRM automatically updates the new activity. If someone registers for the event, their profile in the CRM is updated to include that participation, and if they’re not in the system, a new file is created. 
This allows you to focus on new branches of outreach with unique messaging for each, like new event attendees that have never attended an event or donated. Or you could create a group for people who attend events and don’t donate and develop a campaign focused on converting them to donors. 
Giveffect even offers an app for events to help register attendees, donors, and volunteers in attendance. 
Eliminating Paperwork
As you know, getting a donation is just one part of the process. You have to make sure you both maintain a good relationship with your donors and give them what they need. One great way to show that you appreciate them is to have a “thank you” email or letter as part of your donor appreciation. In Giveffect you can set up these emails, and even automate them. You can even design direct mail letters for the donors that deserve the extra attention. 
And at the end of the year, we must also keep in mind that they may have tax needs they need to address at the start of the new year. Make it easier for everyone. Giveffect can automate branded tax receipts that can automatically be sent out to your donors, so they don’t have to wait on someone manually pulling reports. 
Your donors will know exactly how valuable they are to you and that their time is important. 
See for yourself
This is just scratching the surface on what Giveffect can do and how it can help you during end-of-year fundraising. Let us show you in greater detail how Giveffect can directly help your organization in particular, schedule a demo today to learn more: