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Expand Your Donor Base with Giveffect and Smart Automation

In the current giving climate, expanding on your donor base has become much more daunting. Several reports show that they number of registered nonprofits in the United States is over 1.5 million. This means that the competition is fierce and a growing number nonprofits competing for a changing and evolving pool of donors. Donors who are more savvy and informed than ever before. Because of this, any strategy you have to expand your donor base and keep the donors that you already have must be as focused and strategic as possible if it is to succeed. Thankfully, your strategy to expand your database doesn’t have to be complicated to succeed.


According to a report in Philanthropy Journal News, the best way to grow your donor base is by looking at what you are already doing, and make updates and improvements to that strategy. Your organization doesn’t want to get stuck doing the same things in terms of donor growth and donor retention year after year. But at the same time, you don’t want to have to completely reinvent the wheel. When it comes to both donor retention and expanding your donor base, it’s imperative to be able to move fast, but to you also need elements of practicality. You have to look for new, and sometimes, untested ways of leveraging your current supporters, as well as ways of engaging new ones. Here are a few ways you can follow that protocol:


Go the extra mile to learn about your donors

Post new content regularly on social media

Encourage donors to share their own stories of why they give

Recognize donors for their generosity

Invest time in using social fundraising tools


And thankfully, there is also a software tool that allows you to make the most out of all of these ideas, all while maintaining the most accurate records and getting a complete, 360-degree view of everything your organization is doing daily, monthly and annually. Giveffect has tools that will allow for nonprofits to retain their current donors, but also expand the base with the 10-in-1, connected software system that includes a robust wealth screening system that is integrated and connected to ten other nonprofit software systems such as the fundraising management system, the volunteer management system and the CRM database/system. So Giveffect has several tools in several different but integrated and connected systems that can help your organization meet its donor expansion and retention goals.


In Giveffect, you can use the wealth screening system to assist you in locating opportunities to turn major gift prospects into full-fledged donors. In the back end, you would go use the left side navigation bar and click on the CRM tab. From there, you are given a number of tabs, including Wealth and Opportunities. Clicking on Wealth gives you the chance to look up past queries and contacts and search for them by name. When you click on Opportunities, you can search through prospects based on identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, negotiation and stewardship. Wealth screening is the first opportunity to determine if a prospect is a good fit based on giving history and giving patterns. This information helps you in building your strategy to retain current donors and expanding your donor base.

And it is not only the wealth screening system that you can use to expand your donor base. Our 10-in-1 system also features a comprehensive volunteer management system that allows you to keep track of the most active volunteers that you want to turn into donors. With this system, you can also run reports on volunteers, volunteer hours and more information, all of which is automatically updated in our system because of Smart Automation.

With your fundraising & events management system, which can be considered a social fundraising tool in its own right, you organization is able to contribute to expanding your donor base by creating custom fundraising event campaign pages. Depending on your event, you can make a simple donation page, a peer-to-peer fundraising page, a crowd funding page, a team fundraising page, a corporate fundraising page, and more. Within these pages, you can give potential supporters the chance to make a donation, RSVP to attend and event, contribute to a set donation goal, sponsor the event, and even create their own fundraising campaign pages that are connected to yours. All of this information is, once again, automatically captured and updated in the back end, so that you do not have to. The screen shots below show a typical campaign creating workflow in Giveffect. Keep in mind that all of this information is automatically updated in the back end of the Giveffect system.

But all of these tools to help you with expanding your donor base would not be possible without the power and control of Smart Automation. Giveffect’s signature software tool makes it so that you can rely on software systems that are completely integrated, connected, and speaking to each other on a regular basis. Plus, Smart Automation helps you to contribute to a reduction in time spent on administrative work and manual data entry so that your organization can focus on more actions towards retain current donors and expanding your donor base for the future.


In the end, we realize just how important expanding your donor base is to the growth of your nonprofit organization, and we are here to help. Giveffect is here to ensure that nonprofits just like yours have all of the integrated and automated software tools that they need to keep the generous donors that they have and to continue expanding it by all means necessary.


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