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Federal Stimulus Could Mean More Grants for Nonprofits

The American Rescue Plan Act (H.R. 1319) passed earlier in March and is a $1.9 Billion coronavirus relief package that includes billions for nonprofits and public service, according to The Nonprofit Times.
Ben Kershaw, director, public policy and government relations at Independent Sector told The Nonprofit Times, “One thing we’re particularly pleased to see not change is the investment that this bill makes in civic and community infrastructure. We hear a lot about roads and bridges, we feel strongly that nonprofits themselves are civic infrastructure.”
Many of these investments will be made in the form of grant funding, which is either a part of current grants or what could be new and upcoming grant projects.
Some of the groups that will be getting funding include, but is not limited to, the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities each will receive $135 million, with 40% to state agencies and 60% as direct grants, according to The Nonprofit Times. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) would also get $1 billion, of which $620 million will support an increase in AmeriCorps volunteers to respond to communities impacted by COVID-19.
And as many organizations are working to do more with less after pandemic-related layoffs, nonprofits should be careful to maximize the grants they can apply for.
One way to make sure you can easily track your grant prospects and their status by using the Giveffect Grant Management System. This system allows you to track the status of your grants, so you know which grants you’re researching, planning, in progress, submitted, awarded, and closed. Or if any were denied or withdrawn. You can also link money received and allocate various denominations to the appropriate funds for simplified and integrated reporting.
You can also see the dashboard that explains to you how many grants have been awarded, the total amount expected, and the total amount you have applied to. And you can run reports on your grants to get a quick birds-eye view of where you stand at the moment.
You can learn more about Giveffect and its grant management systems, along with the rest of the full-service system for nonprofits here: