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The Food Bank and Smart Automation: How Giveffect Can Help

A food bank provides some of the most basic but fundamental services to communities throughout the country. Though they do not usually distribute food directly, food banks still impact the lives of many people and communities because they secure major donations and do distribute directly to hunger-based charities. Due to the heavy burden they carry, food banks rely on several sources for the collection and distribution of food to families. Conversely, a food pantry is a smaller organization that serves to reach out to the community directly.


Clearly, food banks, food pantries and hunger-based charities all serve a connected and integrated purpose. And the communities that they serve rely heavily on that purpose. For this reason, food banks are faced with a wide range of administrative and data entry tasks to be handled on a daily basis. They must ensure that volunteers are assigned to the proper tasks during their shift either at an event or at the bank itself, they must reconcile all kinds of donations, monetary and otherwise, and they must keep track of their biggest sponsors and donors from year to year. Food banks, just like any nonprofit, need the tools that will help them make these processes as easy, convenient, streamlined, integrated, and automated as possible.


Take Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County in Watsonville, CA for example. It is the oldest food bank in California and serves over 50,000 individuals each month through 200 agencies and programs. Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County is also a Giveffect client, using our 10-system integrated software and Smart Automation to help streamline all of its administrative operations so that it can focus on the business of distributing healthy food to people in need throughout their community. Throughout their site, there are several examples of third party fundraisers and volunteer opportunities, all created with and powered by the Giveffect software system, such as the Santa Cruz Chef’s Dinner 2018. All of these examples are directly integrated with each other and can talk to each other at any time. From there, Second Harvests’ data is automatically updated on the back end anytime something happens on the front end, via the Smart Automation tool.

So for food banks across the country that carry such a heavy burden, there’s Giveffect: an all-in-one software system that helps to lessen the administrative burden placed on food banks. The ten software systems found within Giveffect are integrated and automated. Powered by Smart Automation, this means that everything that a food bank does on the front end in terms of administrative work, Giveffect will automatically capture on the back end. No longer does a food bank have to create fundraising campaigns for their upcoming food drive in one software system while having to go to another system to create a calendar of shifts for volunteers, and yet another system for creating and sending out emails and tax receipts. Within Giveffect, all of these systems are connected and automated to take the busy work off of your plate.


Below, we describe a few ways that Smart Automation can help your food bank become more efficient and connected:


Automate creating fundraising campaign pages for food drives

Within Giveffect, users are able to create several different kinds of fundraising campaign pages in just a few clicks. From crowd funding to simple donation campaign pages, there are a ton of options for users when it comes to making a fundraising campaign page. Maybe for your next food drive, you will suggest that people create teams and make the campaign more competition-based. Or, maybe you will suggest that individuals create their own third party fundraising pages. Regardless of the way your campaign is structured, you can easily create a fundraising campaign page that will have its information automatically entered into the back end of the Giveffect system.

Automate and streamline the volunteer application process

Smart Automation brings the volunteer application online and breaks it down to only a few simple steps. It also allows an organization to gather the most accurate volunteer information regarding a potential volunteer’s skills, experience and interests. In the front end, potential volunteers fill out a simple application that is thorough but not overbearing. And in the back end, this information is automatically captured and stored so that you can do things like run reports about different volunteer trends that impact your organization. This way, you can easily gather information about volunteer preferences and activity so that you can practice better recruitment of future volunteers. Smart Automation allows you to properly and accurately vet potential volunteers. And this process is much more efficient than it would be if you were doing it in a volunteer management system that merely stood on its own. Below is the partial flow of a potential volunteer going through the application process for a nonprofit through the Gveffect softawre:

Create automated tax receipts

Once a food drive or other type of event is completed, you and your team will likely send a follow-up email with a tax receipt to all participants, donors, sponsors, and anyone else who donated to your food bank’s campaign. Within Giveffect, the Email Rules section allows users to automate the tax receipt process based on organizational preferences. This keeps your constituents up to date and, again, reduces the manual data entry for your organization. And once the tax receipt is sent off, this information is updated automatically in the back end of the Giveffect system. There’s no need for you to enter information into a separate excel spreadsheet or another software system due to the power of Smart Automation.


Pull reports based on a food-specific trends more easily

From the amount of in-kind food donations from year to year, to the number of volunteers that supported a local food bank last year, to which campaigns brought in the most food and monetary donations, Giveffect’s integrated and automated system can help your food bank or food pantry pull reports on just about any food donation specific trend that you need information on. Giveffect empowers nonprofits of all kinds to have the tools they need to understand the bigger picture of their data. For food banks, that can range from looking at how much major donors and sponsors donate on an annual basis, to the number of food drives that need to be done annually to meet the goals of feeding a certain amount of families. Whatever trend you are studying, Giveffect’s reporting and querying features give you access to canned reports that are already set up for you, or you can create customizable reports that fit more with how your specific food bank performs on a monthly and annual basis.

As an all-in-one, integrated, connected system that gives you a 360-degree view of everything going on within your nonprofit organization, Giveffect is the perfect tool for any food bank to streamline everything that it does. We realize that the job of a food bank like yours is complex and multi-tiered. And this is why we created Giveffect: to help alleviate the pressure that comes along with operating such a vast organization by reducing and even eliminating the need to spend hours, days and weeks on administrative work and manual data entry. We wholeheartedly want you as a food bank to get back to what you do best: serving your community and working with food pantries and hunger-based organizations to do so.


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