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Events and Fundraising Tools: Giveffect Weekly Webinar

One of our continuing goals at Giveffect is to make sure that our clients stay as informed and as educated as possible. We want to give clients as much information as possible in using the Giveffect software to its fullest potential. We do this by creating our webinars with the client and potential clients in mind: what is it that they want and need? What can our software offer to them? And, what can we do to teach them how to most efficiently use Giveffect?


In this week’s session our focus is on giving an in-depth overview of how to utilize Giveffect’s events and fundraising tools to ensure the success of your next event with donors and participants. With Fall almost officially upon us, we know that it is the time of year where many people will start getting together and supporting the causes that they hold most dear. This means that people will be more willing to give of their time, of their energy, and of their funds. So a nonprofit has to be able to adjust to this shift. And Giveffect is here to help our clients do exactly that through out educational webinars.


Our events, auction and fundraising tools are part of our 10-in-1, integrated and automated system that is reduces the amount of manual data entry and administrative work that your staff has to complete, which takes them away from their real tasks. And with this system, you can create the types of events that your supporters want to attend. From galas to bowl-a-thons, from 5K runs to marathons, Giveffect’s platform is designed to help you, the user, gain more support from your donor base through the sought after events that you create and market.


Join us on Thursday 9/20 for our weekly webinar on Giveffect’s Events, Auctions and Fundraising tools.┬áBe sure to get registered and join us THURSDAY (9/20) at 2 PM, as space is limited! Click below to get registered.

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