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Getting Your Board More Involved

Keeping your board of directors up to date and involved is a great way to further your mission as a nonprofit, but it can be difficult to both keep them updated on the business side and involved on the community side.
You want to present a wide view of the organization and your successes and struggles with fundraising, events, and community impact, but also make sure that they have access to a ground level of those aspects. To gain access, they can always attend events, participate in fundraisers themselves, and can enjoy the community impact first hand. In other words, they can “get their hands dirty” outside of the board room, top-level discussion.
The board serves because they want to help and they care about the nonprofit and its success.

So making them a key part of the drive to success creates a culture of teamwork and understanding, from the top level to the bottom. When board members take part in local events and activities, they get the other side of the picture that just the numbers can’t give.
But while some board members are excited and often deeply involved already, others may need some help and support to get started. And a key to starting that process is sharing your success in a way that is easy to understand and digestible. And it’s an added benefit to have a system that can give more information to those board members that want to learn more and take a deeper interest in certain topics can be extremely effective.

Reports that work

It is important to remember that your board members are volunteers, thus, they have other responsibilities outside of board duties nagging at them just as we do, so keeping the reports as simple and intuitive as possible is key. This is where Giveffect is a fantastic asset. Giveffect is a complete system that includes fundraising, events, volunteers, communications, and donors and keeps track of everyone involved in all those groups in one system and CRM.
This means that you can run reports that highlight the numbers on facets of any combination of these areas – how fundraising was related to events, or how many volunteers also did fundraising. And exactly how much any group of people raised, and how much time they spent fundraising, donating, and what events they took part in. And which of them received emails, calls, text messages, etc. And you can break that down by any aspect and cross reference for deeper results.
For example, if you wanted to look at just those who volunteered for a particular community service, say a community fun run. You could break that group out in a report, and examine the details of their volunteer work during the fun run, other volunteer work they did AND the details of their fundraising, donations, and other events they attended in a non-volunteer capacity.
Then, you might find an interesting statistical correlation between two statistical areas, like maybe the volunteers at one fun run donated 50 percent more than the average for volunteers. Then you could break down the numbers for other events to see if one event was pulling the average down, or if this was just one particular outlier, just as an example.
Reports (custom and canned) can be completed in an instant. A board member could be curious about other similar reports, like in the example, and Giveffect user could acquire that requested data in seconds.
This flexibility to gather clear, concise, reliable analytics from a variety of different nonprofit departments, cross-referencing multiple statistical areas is a fundamental part of the Giveffect experience.

Including them in the system

It’s just not reports, but Giveffect also allows you to include everyone in the system and keep track of what board members are doing. And to make sure that board members are involved at that local “ground” level, with notices for new events, new fundraising drives, and community outreach in their area.
You can even break board members out into their own group for special messaging with emails, direct mail, websites, and more. All coordinated by the marketing functions in Giveffect. This allows you to stay in contact and make sure the board is aware of what’s going on at every level of the organization.
And of course, you can see what events they attend, their fundraising efforts, and all their activities in the system. Giveffect clients enjoy using features like annual board minimums for gift solicitations and corresponding soft crediting for easy reporting. In addition, features like peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that board members can build and share themselves in minutes for higher levels of engagement and widening the fundraising sphere.
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