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Giveffect Featured in Atlanta Magazine Diversity Issue

Giveffect is featured in one of the most prominent lifestyle publications in the state of Georgia. In Atlanta Magazine’s April 2018 issue, the “Champions of Diversity” section highlights six metro Atlanta companies that make diversity and inclusion part of their company mission. These are companies that take diversity to heart and make it part of their values and mission. Each company realizes the tireless work that is necessary to maintain a truly diverse company and team.

Even being fairly new to the local area since last summer, Giveffect was featured as already having made a valuable impact in Atlanta. Not only through innovative, solutions-driven nonprofit software systems, but also through a genuinely diverse and focused team and work environment. With diversity being part of Giveffect’s DNA, we were honored when Atlanta magazine reached out to us. This is because Giveffect exists not only to help nonprofit organizations become more effective and efficient, but to help them make the real impact that they were meant to make. And we do this by maintaining a work environment and a staff that is always learning, always growing, and always looking for the chance to become better at what we do.

At Giveffect, we understand that in today’s working world, diversity is a requirement for success; especially with the clients and customers we serve. We serve a wide range of nonprofit clients, from food banks to medical relief organizations. Our commitment extends to serving nonprofits who are doing vital work to maintain families, solve pressing issues and move communities forward.


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