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The CRM Database System: Tapping Into your Network with Giveffect

The best CRM/donor relationship management software gives you everything you need to build and maintain donor relationships. And the best Nonprofit CRM Database system can be thought of as an address book with detailed fields about each and every entry. But even when you have a CRM database software system that does all of this, it can only be as strong as other systems that it is, or is not, connected to. You want your Nonprofit CRM Database to be robust and to have lots of tools, but you also want it to make building relationships, obtaining reports and finding information on donors easier.


From this information, let’s paint a picture: you are in the middle of gathering as much pertinent information as possible about donors for an important end-of-the-year meeting with your board. You need to perform several important tasks in a short amount of time. You need to figure out both the largest and the average donations from donors from the previous fiscal year, send out custom tax receipts, and search for potential donor prospects for the next fiscal year.


Other CRM systems may be able to assist you in performing all of these tasks to get all of this information by generating specific donation reports, locating certain donors within the system, and even creating connections within your database. But are those same systems able to work with and speak to, for example, your volunteer management system, your email marketing system, or your wealth screening system? The likely answer is no. First of all, these systems exist only as CRM systems and nothing else. Also, these systems are probably disconnected from the other software systems you are using with little to no integration.

This is the element that makes Giveffect so vital to your operations as a nonprofit organization, especially in terms of what goes on with your CRM database. From volunteers to donors, Giveffect makes it simple to see all of your constituent and donor activity from one view. Our Constituent Relationship Management (CRM System) reduces manual data entry, provides quick access to reporting and data, and ultimately helps your nonprofit become more efficient.



The front end of the Giveffect system is where things like fundraising, volunteer management, and crowdfunding take place. But with that happening in the front, our CRM/donor database system is working hard in the backend to maintain your information and ensure that everything is organized and accounted for. The database backend is divided into tabs, and each tab gives you a 360-degree view of your contacts, donations, volunteers, wealth prospects, memberships, campaigns, and opportunities.


And the CRM database backend goes even deeper. For example, under the Contacts tab is a series of sub-tabs. These subtabs allow you to do everything from finding specific constituents through the Individuals tab, locate and analyze specific organizations under the Organizations tab, make connections through the relationships tab, and so on.



Some of the additional features included in the Giveffect Nonprofit CRM Database database system are:


Branded Online Donation pages

Online One-Time or Monthly Donations

Pledge Installments

Tiered Donations with Descriptions

Offline Donation Gift Tracking

SMS Text-to-Give

Automated Data Entry

Automated Tax Receipts

Automated Thank You Email


Beyond these features, Giveffect’s CRM database system offers robust reporting and querying features that will help your organization save time, energy and resources by helping you to cut back on manual data entry. We know that your nonprofit does everything from contacting donors, to creating tax receipts, to analyzing constituent activity. So our reporting features allow you to quickly obtain information on donations, lifetime giving, volunteering, fundraising and more.

And what makes the Nonprofit CRM Database system inside of Giveffect genuinely different is not only that it has all of the tools such as offline donation tracking, pledge installments, and branded online donation pages. It is not merely that it can replace other Nonprofit CRM Database that you are using including Salesforce, eTapestry, Raiser’s Edge and DonorPerfect. What truly sets Giveffect apart is that it is a CRM/donor database system, a volunteer management system, a membership management system, a wealth screening and major gifts system, a website and web hosting system, and much more. Putting it plainly, Giveffect is an all-in-one software system. That’s because Giveffect is connected and integrated through the tool of Smart Automation, and makes all of your efforts as a nonprofit organization automated.


Smart Automation is our signature technology and the connecting element that weaves all systems in Giveffect together and allows all of the software systems to be automated. This means that everything that happens in the Giveffect on the front end, whether is has to do with tax receipts being sent to the correct individuals, or the management of an offline campaign, is automatically updated on the backend. This eliminates the need for any manual data entry on the part of the user, which could save your organization time and resources of all kinds.

With the Giveffect Nonprofit CRM Database & donor management software system, you get a system that is packed full of useful tools, helps you to obtain reports and quickly and conveniently, and is connected and automated with all other systems that fall within the all-in-one system. We allow your team to collect, track and manage constituents, teams, individuals, organizations and more. And we take care of the rest.

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