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Giveffect is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that streamlines your online fundraising systems into one platform.


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Help Volunteers be The Difference Makers They Want to be 

Volunteers come to a nonprofit to give back to a cause where they have a personal connection. And they take time out of their day to help because they want to make a difference. 
The key is making them feel like they are making the difference that they want to make. 
Most volunteers come in with ideas about differences they want to make, people they want to help, and the change they want to create. Depending on the experience of the volunteer, those expectations can go from difficult to totally unrealistic. 
That’s why it is important to be level set with volunteers, and also discuss what can be done and how they can make a real difference in a community; the importance of the difference that they can make. 
When you have that chat, set goals with your volunteers and talk about how long change can take to occur and what that change will look like. Both realistically and the impact it will have.
There are some things that organizations can do to help, beyond setting expectations. 
For example, no one volunteers to do paperwork. And frankly, few work at a nonprofit to do paperwork, but it exists nonetheless. Despite this reality, an organization can take the steps possible to limit the amount of paperwork for volunteers and staff members. 
Part of that paperwork is inherent in volunteering – setting schedules for both volunteer work and understanding the schedules of volunteers. And that can also include volunteer activities around things like registration for events. 
Making the paperwork easier means that a volunteer has more time, of their limited free time, to focus on the real hard work of achieving the goals that they set for themselves. We already know many volunteers have full-time jobs so being prudent
 with their time is critical. 
But how do you do this? Limit and still keep track of paperwork for volunteers like schedules and registration. How 
do you make it as easy as possible so they can focus on creating the real change they signed up for?
Giveffect can help. Our all-in-one nonprofit platform combines all your volunteer activities into one single place, CRM for volunteers and more, scheduling, registration, event planning, and event management. This means there is no duplication of work, and both staff and volunteers can spend more time making a difference in the community, and less time in the office.  
In fact, organizations that use Giveffect have a 36% increase in volunteer engagement, according to clients we have surveyed. This includes higher signup, engagement, and better retention. Giveffect makes volunteering simpler so that volunteers can do what they really want to do: make a difference. 
If you would like to learn more about Giveffect and the volunteer management system, or any of the other 10 systems included in the platform, schedule a demo and we would be happy to show you what we can offer.