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How to Maximize Holiday Giving with Giveffect

All year long, nonprofit organizations have all kinds of opportunities to reach out to supporters, potential donors and anyone else that they are targeting. Special days, weeks and months dedicated to nonprofits happen throughout the year and cause nonprofits to work on increasing awareness among their clientele. However, there is no time of year like the holiday season. With Giving Tuesday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day all occurring within the span of two months, it’s prime time for nonprofits to make that all-important, end of the year, holiday giving push that will lead them to success in the New Year. That’s why nonprofits of all stripes look for any and all ways they can to maximize their donations during this vitally important time of year. Besides, this will be the last chance for many nonprofits to meet or exceed their annual giving goals for the year.


According to the website Charity Navigator, charitable giving continued on an upward trend at the end of 2017, with an estimated $410.02 billion giving to charitable causes. And this statistic was throughout the course of the year. Just think about what percentage of this slice of giving happens during the holiday season. Furthermore, there are more than a few holiday giving trends that can point you in the right direction as far as what your organization needs to do to beef up its holiday giving strategy. For example, according to many reports, charitable donations are biggest during the month of December, with the average gift size on December 31 being $223. And 34% of all charitable donations are done in the last three months of the year. All of these signs point to your organization creating a holiday giving strategy early and tweaking it throughout the year.


That said, Giveffect is a company situated perfectly to help nonprofits reach and exceed their holiday giving goals on an annual basis. Through the power of our 10-system, all-in-one software product and our signature Smart Automation software tool, we assist nonprofits around the country to maintain a solid donor base and reach new, potential supporters and donors in ways that they may not have been able to do before. With the holiday season being as busy as it is, we realize that nonprofits like yours put great emphasis on the end of the year in terms of giving. We take your holiday and end-of-the-year donation and fundraising activities as seriously as you do, and we created Giveffect to maximize everything that you do for that end of the year push.


Some things you can do to maximize the donations for your nonprofit’s holiday giving campaigns include

Start targeting your your major donors as early as possible

Creating branded donation event pages

Refine and segment your email list so that it reflects the most accurate data

Increase the number of appeals that you send out on Giving Tuesday

Emphasize that holiday donations are tax deductible


Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which Giveffect and Smart Automation can make your holiday giving season more successful.


You can more easily create fundraising event campaign pages.

Give your supporters and easier time online when it comes to helping your donation campaign. If you have a holiday event coming up, make it so that donors can RSVP, purchase tickets, donate, or even make a page that is connected to yours so that others can donate. An example by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Momouth and Middlesex Counties.

You can more easily track email campaign analytics in the backend.

The Email Campaign tab in the backend allows you to calculate how many supporters should have received your campaign, how many actually did, and who has actually opened the message. You can make the necessary adjustments to your campaign once you have this information and get your email out to even more people.

You can more easily create a ticketed event for supporters to attend.

You can simplify your event management workflow by automating ticket management, tax receipt issuance for donors, and automating financial reconciliation. Giveffect will allow you to streamline the event creation process and even create rewards, ticket details and donation waivers.


With a fully integrated and automated software system, a nonprofit organization just like yours can take advantage of making the most of the holiday season through creating email campaigns, event fundraisers and pages, and even thank you letters and tax receipts easily and conveniently with Giveffect. But it is not only the 10 systems in one that will help you to streamline your holiday season fundraising efforts. It is the Smart Automation tool, our signature software that empowers the entire Giveffect system, that plugs you into a resource that empowers your organization during the hectic holiday season. Just think about it: November and December are months of the year that can potentially make or break your entire bottom line as a nonprofit. You don’t want to have to be moving into one software system, logging out of it, and logging into the next one to complete important tasks that should be connected anyway. You want a seamless, connected operation that will allow you to do things like create templates for thank you letters and tax receipts, create email marketing campaigns, update your website with new and fresh data, easily gather information and reports on the campaigns that you create, interpret the analytics of your campaigns, track volunteers and their jobs, assignments and habits, and more. That’s what you get with Giveffect: a tool that will allow you to do this all in one platform, and that will automatically update all of the information that you put in the front end into the backend, making your job as convenient as possible.


The holidays are hectic enough for your nonprofit organization. The last thing you need is software that makes your life even harder. Let Giveffect change the dynamic of your holiday donation and giving efforts with a fully integrated software suite that will make your life, and your nonprofit’s holiday giving season, easier and more successful.

Are you interested in how Giveffect can help your nonprofit with all of its holiday giving efforts? Schedule a demo with us today to see how we can help.

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