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Giveffect and Smart Automation: Helping Your Hospice Run Smoothly

Nonprofit hospice organizations serve an extremely important purpose. They provide care and comfort from those who are suffering from terminal illnesses and work with families to ensure that real care is given to its patients. Providing comprehensive end-of-life care isn’t easy work. And just like any other nonprofit organization that seeks to help the people that make up its surrounding community, a hospice needs the resources to do it as easily as possible. Those resources come in the form of monetary donations, in-kind donations, experienced volunteers, and yes, convenient software systems.


Let’s paint a picture of some of the challenges that a nonprofit hospice organization might face:


-Your hospice organization has an online donation form that is not very user friendly and is hard to navigate to. Therefore, anyone who wants to make a donation but is in a rush may end up abandoning your website and after growing frustrated with the donation process.


-Your hospice has an annual golf tournament that usually can be counted on to bring in around $100,000 per year. But due to some staff cutbacks and a donation form that is not easy to find or to fill out, you see that donations have dropped to around $75,000.


-The staff that remains after your cutbacks now have to focus more of their attention on manually entering in donation, volunteer and campaign information, instead of gearing up for next year’s tournament.


So you need to find solutions, and quickly. Your board is waiting on your report of the golf fundraiser and they are making the decision whether to keep it as a fundraiser or replace it with something more lucrative. Your staff is in need of more help and more resources to get back to performing their job to the best of their ability. And you need software and other resources in place that will make life easier for you and our entire staff. What do you do?


In this case, it would be good for your nonprofit hospice to look into implementing the all-in-one software system that is Giveffect. This is a system that will allow your organization to take fundraising campaign ideas from theory to action, pinpoint new donor opportunities, create tax receipts, automate thank you emails and customize reports and queries all within the same system. That’s four different systems all rolled into one, so that you never have to leave the platform. This is because Giveffect has 10 systems all in one for the convenience of hospice organizations just like yours.


So, from what we have gathered here, a nonprofit hospice organization would be able to do all of the following and more with Giveffect implemented into its plan:

Create fundraising campaign event web pages to raise funds to benefit hospice operations

Giveffect offers several ways for you and your hospice organization to raise funds to support your hospice organization. You may have an annual event that benefits your operations where you seek support from your surrounding community. The good news is that Giveffect allows you to easily and conveniently create any kind of fundraising campaign that you like. Crowd funding campaigns, team campaigns, ticketed campaigns, and peer-to-peer campaigns are all at your finger tips to create and get support on. And with Giveffect, everything that is done in the front end automatically gets updated in the back end due to Smart Automation. Here’s an example of a simple donation page created by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex counties, one of our clients that has seen lots of success through this fundraising page:

Track donors who do the most giving through the wealth screening and donor management system

This system is fully integrated with all of Giveffect’s other ten systems and allows nonprofit users to focus their efforts to gain more regular donors. With the DonorSearch API already being integrated, as well as a host of other wealth screening tools, your hospice organization can move their prospects through the pipeline more quickly. Determine which donors are of the most value and add in more opportunities through this system.


Create tax receipts through the online giving & merchant system

Donors give out of the kindness of their heart. But they also give to receive the all important tax receipt for April 15 so that they can write donations off the next year. Now, you don’t even have to create a tax receipt manually. Thanks to Giveffect, creating tax receipts for all of your donors is just a few button clicks away. While in your back end, use the navigation bar to scroll to the Email Rules option. Click that, and you will be taken to a screen where you can click “Tax Receipt” to create one easily and seamlessly.


Use the CRM Donation Database to simplify all operations, like fundraising and volunteering

With the CRM Donation database, you are able to track contacts, donations, volunteers, campaigns and more. You can create and send personalized letters, tax receipts and other forms of correspondence, more consistently curate and update your database, and even create relationships between individuals and entities without having to even leave the system to go into another one. And it all begins with the Charity Settings in the database.


Best of all, a hospice organization that is looking to reduce the amount of time dedicated to manual data entry and administrative work is able to rely on the Smart Automation feature that is found within Giveffect. Smart Automation is the engine in the vehicle that is Giveffect, making everything get revved up and going at full speed. This is because it is Smart Automation that allows for all ten systems to be integrated and connected to each other, and to talk to each other when needed. Furthermore, any and everything that happens on the front end of Giveffect is fully updated on the back end. Manual data entry, email messages, and all kinds of reports and tools are automated and made to be created within a matter of minutes with the Smart Automation feature in Giveffect. Custom reports can be created, and canned reports can be generated within seconds because of all the information Smart Automation give you access to.

As an all-in-one, integrated, connected system that gives you a 360-degree view of everything going on, Giveffect is the perfect tool for any hospice organization because it gives said organization access to several systems it needs to use in its everyday operations. Having to keep track of volunteers, creating tax receipts for donors and supporters, and tracking the expenses of the organization are just some of the duties that any hospice has to keep up with. Now, they can do so more easily and efficiently through the connected system that is Giveffect.

Want to learn more about how Smart Automation and our systems can help your nonprofit hospice organization run more smoothly? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at


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