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How A Marketing Manager can Benefit from Giveffect

The marketing and communications department within a nonprofit organization has the mighty task of creating the messaging that will fit in with the branding of the organization as a whole. From there, it is also the job of marketing and communications to ensure that external communications are consistent with brand image, that promotional materials are effective as possible in drawing in new and potential supporters and donors, and that the organization effectively liaise with external suppliers like ad agencies and marketing consultants. The entire point of these operations is so that a nonprofit’s marketing team can come up with the best and most effective messaging possible. And this means that the marketing manager in a nonprofit has a huge set of responsibilities to adhere to.


A marketing manager’s job is part analytical, part creative, part project management. A marketing manager at a nonprofit organization spends time managing various projects. A marketing manager has the job of taking the lead in developing and implementing the idea to success. The job of a marketing manager within a nonprofit can focus on anything from taking the lead in creating an email marketing campaign, to soliciting volunteers for a fundraising campaign event, to working with the development department to gain new major donors. Essentially, a marketing manager at a nonprofit will wear many hats and leading many different projects towards success.

With so many hats to wear, how does a marketing manager keep track of everything, lead all of these projects, and make sure that their metrics are being met? And how do they do it without having to do a lot of manual data entry and administrative work, which can take time away from them leading the projects in the marketing department? For the marketing manager, Giveffect is the perfect tool and the ideal means to assist in automating the duties of both the manager and the department as a whole. Through the tools found within the email marketing & direct mail system, the website and web hosting system, the volunteer management system, and the wealth screening & major gifts system, a marketing manager can get a hold of most if not all of the software tools s/he needs to create the most focused and impactful marketing messaging, whether there are 10-15 people in their marketing department, or if the marketing manager IS the marketing department.


Let’s explore some of the tasks that a marketing manager must oversee on a regular basis, and how Giveffect’s all-in-one, integrated, connected system can help a manager to do their job even better. On any given day, a marketing manager will be responsible for


-ensure all external communication pieces contain a consistent brand image

-fulfill main marketing and communications role within the nonprofit

-create collateral and messaging behind any and all fundraising campaigns

-work with the development department to create and distribute promotional items for donors and potential donors

-liaise with external suppliers (ad agencies, production houses, etc)

-review of similar non-profits (compare similar offerings to clients, any gaps unfulfilled in market)

-oversee the social media marketing and messaging plan of the nonprofit


With any other stand-alone software system, a marketing manager would probably have to manage staff creating an email marketing campaign in Mailchimp or Constant Contact, leaving that platform and going into WordPress to update the organization’s website, log out of that platform, and go into a Volunteer Hub or Volgistics to create shifts, jobs, and even calendars for organization volunteers. Not so with Giveffect. Due to the Smart Automation tool, our signature software tool, a marketing manager and their team never have to leave the Giveffect platform. This is because Smart Automation connects the email marketing system with the volunteer management system, as well as with the wealth screening system, the web hosting system, and every system that falls under the Giveffect software system. The result is a piece of software that allows a marketing manager to effectively connect what they are doing to what other departments are doing.


Giveffect can automate the creation of mass emails, email blasts to be sent to supporters, and websites.

Using the Email Campaign tab at that is found in the navigation bar in the back end, a marketing manager and the marketing staff can easily create engaging email campaigns, newsletters and website that will bring more supporters. From there, the Smart Automation tool found within Giveffect ensures that the information that is gathered from these campaigns will be updated in the back end because of the power of Smart Automation. And the Giveffect email system can be integrated with Mailchimp or Sparkpost, whatever is most convenient for your nonprofit’s marketing manager and marketing department.

Giveffect automates setting up any kind of fundraising campaign page, from peer-to-peer fundraising to a team fundraising page to a crowd funding campaign page.

Giveffect allows you to create several different kinds of fundraising campaigns. A marketing manager and their marketing team an easily set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, a simple donation website where supporters can make a donation right online, an event fundraising website connected to a gala or other special event, a team fundraising campaign website to recruit family and friends to participate, and more. No matter what kind of campaign is created, the information on those who donate, their level of donation, and location is stored in our back end due to Smart Automation.

Giveffect automates the creation and distribution of several kinds of reports about volunteering, email and direct mail campaigns, donor support, and more.

Not only can Giveffect help a marketing manager and their marketing staff create the best messaging, it can also help them to do more in reporting on how the email campaigns, newsletters, volunteer campaigns and fundraising campaigns it created are performing from year to year through powerful reporting and querying tools. These reports and queries can be generated within a matter of minutes, not days. This means that they can be easily from the marketing department to the proper decision makers.


The best part of what the Giveffect software can do for a marketing manager and for a marketing department is that all everything that is done on the front end of Giveffect is automatically generated and update in the back end because of Smart Automation, our signature tool that empowers everything that happens in Giveffect. Whether you are a marketing manager who has created that all-important fundraising campaign event page, or have updated the website to fit a changing demographic, everything you or your department does is updated in real time so that you do not have to go through those long, tedious processes. Giveffect and Smart Automation helps a marketing manager get back to what they do best, and to what they were hired for originally: to lead the marketing and communications efforts of the nonprofit.


The duties of a marketing manager and of the marketing department are simplified and made more impactful due to the many tools found within Giveffect. We encourage you to let us how your marketing manager and marketing department all that our system can do for you to make your marketing efforts more focused and more effective.

Are you a marketing manager who is in need of a software system that can help you do your job better and more easily? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at



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