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Giveffect is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that streamlines your online fundraising systems into one platform.


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Make Volunteering Easier

Volunteering can be complicated. You have to keep up with the schedule of your events and also keep track of all the workers and volunteers for them. And you also have to keep track of some of your volunteers’ schedules when things change, as they usually do. Volunteer schedules are in constant flux and that just makes things more difficult.
But what if you could let them manage their own volunteer schedules? What if the system was “touchless”? What if you could have them sign up into a calendar online and have the calendar system sort out the scheduling, alerts, and any rescheduling? And volunteers would have access to that calendar.
The system could even keep track of total volunteer hours, when they worked, and even programs like “Sweat Equity” for Habitat for Humanity organizations.
Giveffect offers these options as part of a complete volunteer management system! It utilizes a full CRM that allows tracking of every aspect of a volunteer’s service, donations, event work and more.
And the volunteers love the flexibility and guilt-free ease by putting them in control of their own scheduling.
Lenora L., volunteer and development coordinator, shared her success stories of using Giveffect for volunteer management:
“I started using Giveffect with the start of a new job and was basically on my own to ‘get up to speed’ and use the software optimally. It is really intuitive in its design and after viewing the relevant training videos, I was able to apply its use to my daily workflow. For the first time, the branch I was working for was able to have volunteers sign up online, check-in and out on an iPad, and have their hours tracked in real-time.
Giveffect has enabled me to attract and retain more volunteers than I ever thought possible.”
And another huge bonus is the ability to have your volunteers check-in and out easily and directly on a tablet or mobile device at your event. It’s a great way to monitor exactly when everyone is in attendance and for how long.
Additional tools in the volunteer management system include:
– Unlimited Volunteer Jobs and Shifts
– General Volunteer Opportunities
– Group Restrictive Volunteer Opportunities
– Private Online Calendar for Volunteers
– Automated Volunteer Confirmation Email
– Automated Volunteer Reminder Email
– Volunteer Login Portal
– Volunteer Automated Shift Cancellation
– Volunteer Newsletters
– Volunteer Direct Email
– Email Campaign Analytics
– Volunteer Recruitment Pages
– Volunteer Campaign Analytics
– Assign Offline Volunteer Opportunities
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