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Make Your Numbers Into More Than a Report 

From Major League Baseball to the Pentagon, analytics are used to make decisions on a daily basis, but far too often they become more a reporting formality rather than a guide to action. 
But how do you go from making an analytics report to using the numbers to steer your actions?
Planning is Key
You have to set goals for your organization or department. And to set those goals, you have to ask yourself what you want to achieve as a group. What are the critical issues that define your work? 
These are often formed in management discussions and can come from both leadership and group discussions on how to meet the goals and expectations of upper management. 
Once your objectives are agreed upon, you have to determine what success looks like and how to measure it. 
The right numbers
Take a critical look at what your goals are and what actual success looks like relative to the numbers or analytics you have. You may often find that the “common” statistics or key performance indicators do not fit the goals you have or your project. 
For example, if you are focusing on a new fundraising event for a group of new donors, “donor retention” may not be a key metric, like “new donors” would be. 
But finding the right number, or likely set of numbers, that truly define success according to your goals can be difficult work. You will likely need to evaluate many different sets of data and cross-reference them against the real-world impact they represent. Then ask if that real-world impact matches the impact of your attempted goals.
Do the real-world numbers reflect the most efficient way to deliver services or requests of your community?
Making a difficult job easier
While no one can do the difficult work of making the assessments for you, you can get a great deal of support in how you obtain your numbers. That’s what Giveffect can do. 
Support from a system that can give you a huge variety of numbers that can be broken down into a multitude of different ways, almost as quickly as you can come up with ideas, is a huge advantage. 
You can create reports across volunteers, fundraising, events and donors. Cross-reference the reports to see, for example, how many volunteers are also donors. Or see how many key donors attended a particular event. And you can go even deeper. 
In fact, Giveffect is hosting a webinar on this “how-to” topic to use analytics to make your team work more efficiently to meet your goals. Experts will show you how to go deeper into your numbers integration and segmentation strategies to build better workflows. 
That’s the real impact. 
Learn more and reserve your spot for the webinar on Sept. 24 at 1 p.m. ET. Registration is free:

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