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Maximize Your Online Donations

New Webinar Shows How You Can Make Your Best Online Donor Ask

Donations are a vital part of every nonprofit organization, but every year more groups competing for donor dollars. 
Ideally, you want to make it as simple as possible for donors to give. The simpler the steps, with fewer barriers and fewer “bumps in the road,” the more likely the potential donor is to finish the contribution. But how do you make a process simpler for your donors?
Be everywhere they think about donating
When they may want to donate, make sure you are right there, ready to accept the donation. No delay. Simple and Easy. You can put your donation “asks” anywhere, including the web pages that align most with your most compelling stories and statistics. And it’s just a simple addition when you have a great new story or report.  
If you have a blog about a new development, put the ask right in the blog. Have a news story about a child in your community? Share how to donate directly in the story. A social post about an exciting upcoming event? Ask for support for the event in the post itself. 
You don’t want to ever have a potential donor remain only ‘potential’ because he or she doesn’t know how to contribute or has to work to find out how. 
Making the ask easy
But it’s just not about asking for a donation, we live in a digital world and people expect instant support and easy-to-find information. Having a donation form embedded throughout your web pages means that someone can donate instantly. Start and complete their donations wherever they may be. No other pages. No links. 
A potential donor may not come through your website homepage or want to click on your donate button. You never know when a story could go viral and every extra click is lost potential donors. 

The Little Lighthouse shows a great example of how an embeddable form, the square image on the right, can give donors easy access to your donation process on any webpage.

Giveffect offers this option so that you can put a donation option in any or all of your web pages. And it can be done via an iFrame or sample code. The sample code allows you to place it on any page, you can customize it as needed. The iFrame will always include the latest updates if you change your form in the future. 
One great example is The Little Light House organization. They have included a full online donation form into their website. 
Learn how you can embed your own donation forms in a free webinar hosted by Giveffect on Friday, Aug. 20 at 1 p.m. ET. Register now: