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The Power of Nonprofit Reporting & Queries in Giveffect

Giveffect is an integrated, connected, all-in-one software solution that exists to solve your nonprofit’s administrative and manual data entry problems. No longer do you have to find yourself moving in between software systems and platforms to get done what you need to get done. Because with Giveffect, all of the software systems you need are seamlessly connected and are always talking to each other. So there is no need to invest time and energy into any other software options. One of the greatest features of Giveffect, beyond its connectedness, is the nonprofit reporting and querying feature found in the CRM, administrative side of our software program.


With the reporting and querying features, users are able to create the richest, most well-rounded reports on their organizational efforts on a monthly and annual basis. This is in addition to having available to them a 360-degree view of any and everything that any individual or organization has done with them. Nonprofit Reporting and Querying in the Giveffect software system ensures that the data you need does not have to be searched for. Between creating your own custom reports and queries, to securing canned reports that are already in the system, the best and most accurate information is available to you at the click of a button.


And the beauty of using our all-in-one software system is that instead of spending hours and hours compiling data, you actually have the data at your fingertips, and at all times. What’s more, you have the superpowers of being able to do querying and reporting and pull analyses on that data, because it is already prepared for you and automated through technology.

Nonprofit Reporting & Quering

Gone are the days where you have to set aside time out of your busy day to gather information for a report and then plug it into multiple platforms to generate the information you want. With Giveffect, you will always have access to the reporting and querying options so that you can get and send reports more quickly, conveniently and efficiently. These facts open up a world of opportunities for you, but only if you know how to properly retrieve information and build queries and reports.


What’s more, the amount of reports and queries that you can create in Giveffect is nearly endless. Within a nonprofit, there are several aspects of your business that you need to report on, from average annual donation growth to the number of volunteers working with you annually. Giveffect allows for a smoother experience in creating queries and reports, and sending them to the proper stakeholders who will be able to make the best decisions about your organization moving forward.


When you are inside the back end of the Giveffect’s system as a client, you will find that there are a vast number of reports you can create. To do so, you will first go to the Reports tab found in the navigation bar at the left side of the screen. Clicking on this option takes you into the Reports area. When you click the drop down menu, you will find that you can create reports based on donations (individuals, organizations, growth, etc.), lifetime giving (recognition, soft credits, in-kind, etc.), fundraising (campaign summary, teams summary, participant summary), volunteering (assignments and jobs), and logs.

Furthermore, as far as reports go, in Giveffect, you have access to canned or pre-built reports that do not require you to set up any rules or regulations, and you can build custom reports that pertain more specifically to your organization or chapter. When building custom reports, you are able to save the reports and queries by clicking the “Save Query” option that is found under the Advanced tab. An example of a custom report would be if you clicked the drop down menu, click All, and then click Advanced option that appears. You would then see a series of fields that you can choose from to actually build your report.


An example of a canned report would be a LYBUNT/SYBUNT (Last Year But Unfortunately Not This, Some Year But Unfortunately Not This) report. In the Reports option, you would scroll down to the LYBUNT/SYBUNT option found in the drop down menu, click it, click Advanced, and start choosing your yours based on what you want your report to be on.

Another example of a canned report would be a Campaign Summary report. This is one in which you are simply trying to gather information and statistics on several different campaigns that you have done. To do so, in the Reports drop down menu, you click Campaign Summary option. From there, you are simply choosing all of the campaigns that you want to build a report on. Then, you simply click Generate Report to create your report.


Regarding querying, each tab within the CRM system has querying options, both Basic and Advanced. What this means is that you can build all kinds of queries around tasks, contacts, donations, volunteers, wealth, members, campaigns, opportunities and addresses. There are also multiple options and ways for users to create queries within Giveffect. For example, you can create specific reports within queries. Plus, the tabs within the navigation bar, such as registrations, rewards, and tickets, all have options for creating a query.


For example, inside the Tickets option in the navigation bar, you are given both Basic and Advanced options. When you click Advanced, you are given the option to add and delete filters to make your search results more refined. You are also given rules to build around those filters. You can also query right within a report. This means that whether you are creating a report and querying within it, or creating a query all by itself, whatever you are creating is as comprehensive and as robust as possible.

What makes this tool even more powerful is Smart Automation. The signature technology of Giveffect automates all time-consuming administrative work and manual data entry. Regarding the reporting & querying tool, Smart Automation allows information to be right there for you. This means that reports take only seconds to create and are easier to pull and to send internally. It also means that everything that is done in the front end by users with Giveffect is automatically updated in the back end. So whether you are creating an email campaign in the front end, or making sure that the proper report is created, downloaded and emailed on the back end, Smart Automation makes all of these processes easier for you all around because the data does not have to be built or updated. It’s right there at your disposal.

Retention Report and Donation Summary Reporting - Giveffect

Reporting in Giveffect (Wendell)

In our two-part webinar series on querying and reporting, we go even more in-depth regarding all that our reporting and querying functions can do, as well as all of the following topics as they are related to reporting and querying:

Basic & Advanced Queries
Fund & Source Reporting
Donor Segmentation
Donation Querying
Time Series Reporting
Fundraising Analysis
Volunteer Engagement Reporting
Donor Retention Reporting

This and other educational webinars are available to Giveffect clients exclusively through our back end, as well as through our Giveffect Studio Facebook page.


As an organization, we want to ensure that all of our clients are getting the most out of the Giveffect software. The reporting & querying features inside of our integrated, automated software is one of the most important tools to take advantage of to make your organization more efficient and more focused.

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