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Nonprofit Software Solutions: Three More Questions to Ask

Several months ago, we looked at everything it takes for a nonprofit organization to move from one-software platform to another. With the end of the fiscal year and the calendar year fast approaching, many development and fundraising professionals in several different positions at nonprofits all over the country will have to either justify any reasoning they have for switching the system. When these professionals find that the nonprofit software they are using is not meeting their needs, they may start to do more research on other systems that may fit more with what they mean to accomplish.

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Of course, there is much more than just the research of one person that has to be done to get to the point of convincing leadership that it’s time to switch the software program for the entire nonprofit organization. Several factors must be considered. What is your nonprofit organization currently using and what are the pros and cons of continuing on with using it? What are the costs of continuing to use the software you currently have versus switching to a new one? What are the goals of the organization in the next six months to a year, and how do both software systems line up with those goals?


Beyond these questions, we previously looked deeply at three topics pertaining to a switchover of software systems.


– Changing to a new software system will greatly impact the nonprofit team you are working on.

– Changing to a new software system will work with the software that you are already using.

– Changing to a new software system will the return on investment from implementing a new software system.


But as we see, there are many factors to consider. So we are now going to ask three additional questions that are also important to making the decision of switching from one software system to another. And here they are.

How will this software impact my volunteers?

Because Giveffect is an all-in-one, integrated nonprofit software system, it connects all 10 systems that it contains to each other, and does so seamlessly. This is especially important for your volunteer base. Your volunteer staff is something that you want to be constantly growing and thriving. You want to offer your volunteers as many opportunities as possible to be part of your mission, whether that is by making the volunteer application process as easy as possible, creating a website where your volunteers can easily sign up for future events to lend a hand, or even participate in a volunteer-driven campaign created by your nonprofit. Gaining a software system that is integrated and connected the way that Giveffect is means that your volunteers will have their burdens eased. And you will be the one to ease that burden by implementing Giveffect.

What functions will I be able to perform that I can’t right now?

Giveffect allows you to perform several functions without ever having to log out of one platform and then get into another one. Right now, you may be able to create an email marketing template, but you are not able to build a website. Or maybe you can easily build a fundraising campaign website, but that website is not connected to your volunteer platform at all. The point is that you may have several different systems that are working for you, but because of your systems not being connected, you cannot perform certain functions, or you do not have access to certain tools. This is a thing of the past with Giveffect, mainly due to Smart Automation, our signature software that makes sure that everything is connected and automates many of the duties that you might not currently have access to. At Giveffect, we want you to have access to every tool and function that will make your life as a nonprofit professional easier.

How will this new software tool impact my fundraising goals?

This is quite possibly the most important question you can ask in making the decision to change nonprofit software platforms/systems. A nonprofit’s fundraising goals are of the greatest importance. And any nonprofit software platform that a nonprofit uses must have tools contained within them that helps them meet those goals on a consistent basis. Of course, you want your software goals to be impacted positively by making this change. Giveffect can do that for you, with an engaging fundraising and events management system that allows you to create many kinds of fundraising campaigns, from peer-to-peer to simple donation to team campaigns.


Of course, in seeking a new software platform for your nonprofit, we want you to consider Giveffect. And we know that with this heavy decision to make, we want to make it as easy as possible for you by letting you know what sets us apart from other software platforms that might be similar. And that is our signature Smart Automation feature. With Smart Automation by Giveffect, your organization gets more than just a software system that if focused on providing a solution to one set of your needs. What you have is a system that is completely connected and integrated that gives you a 360-degree view of everything that happens in your organization. This also means that you do not need to perform manual data entry or spend too much time on administrative work, because this part of the process is already done for you in our back end. It’s Smart Automation that makes it possible.


Ultimately, there is a lot of time, attention, and detail that has to go into making the change from one software system to another. Departmental and organizational goals, budgetary concerns, the long-term health of your nonprofit organization, training of your employees, and the overall fundraising strategy of your organization all have to be taken into account before the leap is made. At Giveffect, we want you to make sure that you are making the best possible decision in terms of getting the software that you need. As a company, we are there for you in this process, and we will continue to work with you to solidify that you have made the correct decision years down the line, simply because it goes beyond a sale for us. Because while our short term goal is to have you invest in our product, our long-term goal is for you to succeed as an organization.

Want to learn more about what Giveffect can offer your nonprofit to make a smooth transition to an all-in-one, integrated software system? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at

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