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Nonprofit Web Hosting: Giveffect’s Web-in-a-Box Solution

We’ve all been there: trying to learn on the fly the mechanics of putting together an attractive website that will get supporters to donate, volunteer or create fundraisers. Having that attractive yet easy-to-use website is crucial to any nonprofit organization. Your donors need to be able to navigate your site easily and efficiently. And for many nonprofit professionals who are already stretched very thin, the time it takes to practice successful web hosting create an attractive website can be minimal.


Luckily, Giveffect has the tools that can help even the least tech savvy person create an amazing website that will get supporters going in their pockets and giving of their time, with our Web-in-a-Box website building solution.


Web-in-a-Box is the end-to-end website hosting solution for your nonprofit organization. Whether you are a non-technical staff with zero website building or coding experience, or a skilled web developer looking for advanced tools and customization, Giveffect’s Web-in-a-Box has you covered with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop features that make website creation an enjoyable experience. For the novice website builder, creating a website through Giveffect is as easy as setting up a Facebook profile.



The ease comes from the ability to drag and drop images, slideshows, and even audio and video into the website template, as shown below:

Our charity settings, website editor and website analytics are geared towards making the building and maintenance of your nonprofit’s website as easy as possible. For example, one of the greatest settings within the software is the ability to completely control the look and feel of your website using Giveffect’s backend. Within the charity settings, you control how your charity logo will appear, whether you accept donations, the generation of tax receipts, the volunteering page and volunteering application, banking information, email integration, tribute gifts and more.


Within the same view, your team can seamlessly begin creating your website and publish it within a day. By going to the Website Builder tab and clicking the Add Website button, your new domain will be launched, and your now ready to begin editing your website. Clicking the pencil icon opens the Website Editor, which allows for full customizations of colors, fonts, and other capabilities for unique experience to your organization.


And within Giveffect’s Analytics tool, your nonprofits’ website can connect with Google Analytics so that you can stay informed outside of the Giveffect backend and take some of the burden off of your development team.


The end result is a customized website for your nonprofit organization that will make donors and supporters more willing to visit regularly and navigate. Below, you will find examples of websites created using Giveffect’s Web-in-a-Box solution from  what the Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity and the Matthew Shepard Foundation:

All in all, Giveffect gives its clients all of the necessary web building tools that they will need within one system, so that you never have to leave the Giveffect platform. Our goal is to help you to build the most engaging and effective website possible, with the greatest of ease. That new website will not only help you gain followers, supporters and advocates, but it will help you reduce manual data entry and free you up to do what you need to do as a nonprofit organization.

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