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One Year Inside COVID-19’s Major Impact on Giving, Report

In the first year of COVID-19 there has been over $20 billion awarded to fight the pandemic globally, according to the latest Center for Disaster Philanthropy Report “Philanthropy and COVID-19”.


As the demands on nonprofits have grown in a national crisis, and the competition inside the nonprofit sector also tightens, it is important to examine the trends during that time. And that can allow nonprofits to see what is working, or not working, in this new world. 


The report also found that corporations accounted for 44% of the COVID-19 funding in that period. And gifts by “high-net-worth” individuals accounted for at least $5.8 billion. 


This illustrates, what we all know, just how important wealth screening and major gifts are to nonprofits.  And Giveffect has multiple systems to help a nonprofit identify and track major gift prospects. 


These systems allow Giveffect clients to search prospects, using the industry’s top providers based on wealth markers like wealth and ability to give, philanthropic and political activity, past giving totals, nonprofit affiliations, and more. You can also create comprehensive reports based on income, real estate, relationships to other nonprofits, stock transitions, and more. 


Also according to the study, community foundations awarded more grants than any other grantmaker type (54%of total awards).


And Giveffect can also help nonprofits track grants in a grant management database that can track the status of grants. 


Giveffect can be a key part of your major gift, wealth screening, and grant process. And the ease of Giveffect’s all-in-one system means that you don’t need extensive training for your staff to use it. 


One Giveffect client, Stephanie S., said “I’ve since been able to set up my entire team using the system, and they’ve had few to no difficulties learning to use it. Our focus is now on building better relationships with our donors rather than fighting with a system to enter gift information. Giveffect has been absolutely wonderful for our team.”


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