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Online Auction Success: Goodwill May be Blueprint 

Goodwill Online Shop sales have reached over $1 Billion, since launching in 1999, according to a recent article in The NonProfit Times. And half of that, $500 million, has come over the past three years. 


These products were just the normal Goodwill items: art, clothing, collectibles, designer apparel, accessories, but sold in an eBay-type auction style. But the auction format allowed bidders to drive the price up on higher demand items. 


This shows how nonprofits can use technology to complement their strengths and turn them into huge wins. And during and following the pandemic, these are golden opportunities to find ways to work inside the new normal that many people will continue. And people are more open to charitable giving and supporting the community. 


“Younger generations are focused on engaging with retailers or online retailers that focus on something more than just buying a product,” President & CEO of Goodwill of Orange County Nicole Suydam said in The NonProfit Times. “Younger generations are really interested in the idea of sustainability and know that reusing items for them makes them feel they are doing something good for the world.”


But how do you catch this fire? Well if you have a large web team and design team with a lot of open time and resources, you could build out a large auction functionality and maintain it. But if you do not have those resources, Giveffect offers a user-friendly solution, an auction page creation and maintenance system. 


This example from the Leonardo da Vinci School in Green Bay, Wis. shows the setup for auction pages is easy and it allows you to display your items, share details, reserve prices, or current auction prices.

For example, this auction page was created by the Leonardo da Vinci School in Green Bay, Wis. in Giveffect: The Giveffect system allowed them to display their products, you can see at the bottom of the page, and kept track of the people bidding online. It even keeps track of who wins the bids when the auction ends on an internal summary page, for easy reference. 


And building this page was simple. The website creation tool uses a drag and drop interface that needs minimal training. In fact, the average fundraising page takes 7.5 minutes to launch, for most Giveffect clients. No IT staff. No backdoor coding or delays. 


The all-in-one system Giveffect can also keep track of all the members, volunteers, donors, and more, allowing you to track who bids, and easily provide them with tax statements, automatically, if desired. 


Learn more about how Giveffect can empower your nonprofit auctions and give you a user-friendly solution to your overall technology needs.