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Online Fundraising and Donations Made Easier

Online fundraising is bigger and more frequent than it has ever been. Studies from all over the industry show that a shift is happening: more and more people are going to easy donation pages to make their pledges. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, for example, shows that charities raised a median of 23% more in 2017 than they did in 2016. Yet, in the wake of issues like the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal and growing distrust for charities, some smaller nonprofit organizations may still be reluctant to make the move because of privacy issues, ease of use and other concerns.


However, a recent report from blog Nonprofit Information gives general information about how nonprofits can best approach finding the right solution for online fundraising. There are several considerations that must be made, including budget concerns, who will have control over online fundraising activities, and the goals that the nonprofit has set in terms of online fundraising. The article suggests that any decision maker should consider the following factors before coming to a decision about an online giving solution:


-Seek affordability in donation websites

-Build donor loyalty and a strong campaign

-Brand matters

-Asking for donations


Also important to this decision is whether the tools currently being used for offline fundraising will align with the online fundraising platform or not.


As you can see, online fundraising has to be built into the plan for any nonprofit organization nowadays. It is fast becoming the way of the philanthropy world. It is much more than just a trend. It is now a way of life and a new lifeline for charities, both great and small. It is the way more nonprofits will receive contributions to their cause.


At Giveffect, we want to make both the online fundraising and online donation processes as easy, convenient and worthwhile as possible. We do this through a series of tools that are found in our all-in-one software system. With over 20% of donations being made online, we want to help you to convert donors, volunteers and other supporters into lifelong donors. Our donor management system does this by allowing your team to collect, track, and manage any type of donation, while we take care of the rest.


By implementing Giveffect, a nonprofit can eliminate the need for using multiple nonprofit platforms to function. Getting rid of the need to move between multiple software platforms can increase the number of donations made and can make online fundraising easy for the organization and online donations easy for the supporters.


Want to learn more about how the Giveffect all-in-one software system can help your nonprofit in its fundraising, volunteer management and web hosting efforts? Visit us online at

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