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Why Your Nonprofit’s Tech Stack is Holding You Back

Common knowledge goes as follows: your nonprofit organization needs to have several different software platforms, commonly knows as a software stack or nonprofit tech stack. One for email marketing, one for volunteer management, one for fundraising and events, one for relationship management, one for wealth screening, one for web hosting, and so on. But here’s the problem: software systems that are separated from each other means are not able to integrate and connect timely, valuable information that one department or employee might desperately need, but does not have access to. This becomes even more important because today’s nonprofit employee is likely doing much more than they were in the past. Inside your organization, you may be a fundraising manager, as well as the development director. This means that it is not convenient for them to switch between software platforms to get their work completed in a timely manner.


In turn, it means that you have to set aside time to talk to people in different departments, ask them to gather specific information for you, gather and compile that information that you do have access to yourself, and play the waiting game for the rest of the information that is relevant to what you are trying to do. What if, for example, you need a report on all the donors who have donated regularly from 2014-2017, but did not do so in 2018? Should you have to go from one software platform that you are working on to another to get these results? Is that efficient? Is it timely? Does it make you and your nonprofit more swift? At this point, you may be telling yourself that it is not efficient. But you may also be asking, “How do we fix it?”

Typical Nonprofit Tech Stack

Giveffect, an all in one software system made exclusively for nonprofit organizations, exists to alleviate this problem and prevents issues arising from a software stack and to replace the various software systems that your organization is currently using. When you buy into the Giveffect system, what you are not getting is a stand-alone system that is only capable of doing one or two things very well. Giveffect is ten-system software that does many things well. But better than that, our signature tool known as Smart Automation powers it. This tool seamlessly connects all of the systems within and makes them speak to each other. It also automates all of your administrative work and eliminates the need for manual data entry so that you can stay focused on what you are your organization are truly in existence for.


We’ve found that our average client that is interested in switching to Giveffect is using 3-6 different software systems, and sometimes more. Each system specializes in and does something very well on its own. But it is not connected to the other systems that you are using, making your efforts much more difficult and time consuming, and not as streamlined as they could be if you were using an all-in-one system Let’s take a closer look at a typical nonprofit tech stack for the typical nonprofit client who is thinking of switching from multiple systems to Giveffect:


Nonprofit tech stack 1

Accounting: Quickbooks

Website/Web Hosting: Wix

Database: Raiser’s Edge NXT

Email Marketing: Constant Contact

Volunteer Management: Volgistics

Event Management: Onecause


Nonprofit Tech Stack 2

Wealth Screening: DonorSearch

Accounting: Zoho Books

Database: Salesforce

Volunteer Management: Volgistics

Event Management: EventBrite

Email Marketing: Mailchimp


What we see from each of these tech stacks is that the nonprofit organization in question has some of the top names in their rotation for their software systems. But rarely do these systems actually speak to each other, meaning that they cannot provide each other with information on, for example, and the number of volunteers that worked the annual bowling campaign fundraiser for the last three years. This also means two things.


  1. If a person at a nonprofit has several duties that overlap, they must go into separate software systems to get the software they need.
  2. If a nonprofit does have the adequate staff to complete these tasks, their data still remains disconnected from other data that it may be in need of.


With Giveffect, it is the exact opposite. There is no need to be held back by software that is disconnected from other software. With Smart Automation, our signature technology, you are given access to a seamless, integrated system that is an online giving system, a fundraising and events system, a volunteer management system, a constituent relationship management system, a nonprofit management system, a web hosting system, an email marketing system, a membership management system, and a wealth screening system all in one. This means that whatever you see happen on the user’s end of the software (the front end) is automatically entered into the administrative end (the back end). Are you creating a campaign? Are you building and/or updating your organization’s website? Are you ensuring that some volunteer hours assignments are accounted for? Then that means you’ll see it populate automatically and you as the user do not need to manually enter in any information.

What is even greater is that Smart Automation also eliminates the need for manual data entry. This means that it is not necessary to leave the Giveffect software platform, nor do you need to need to spend time and energy trying to gather and distribute things like reports or queries. The information is right there for you.


Don’t be held back by your nonprofit tech stack any longer. We encourage you to give us a try by scheduling a demo today so that we can show you how Giveffect will improve your daily nonprofit operations.

Want to learn more about how the Giveffect all-in-one software system can help your nonprofit eliminate manual data entry and become more efficient? Visit us online at

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