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Organizational Mission: Is your Software Helping you Fulfill It?

In a nonprofit, having a strong mission is necessary to long term success. Upon first glance, it may not seem as if there is a direct connection between a nonprofit organization’s mission and its chosen volunteer software. However, consider the following: If the nonprofit software that is being used does not help the organization to more efficiently and effectively meet its daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals, how can the organization fulfill its tasks and agendas?

Examples of mission statements follow:

Ronald McDonald House of Greater Hudson Valley

The Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley is committed to keeping families with sick or injured children close to each other and the care and resources they need…”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.”

Helping Children Worldwide

“Transforming communities by serving vulnerable children and families through education, health care and spiritual mentoring.​”

Each statement has a clear, concise focus. Each one lays out what the respective organization will do and how they will do it. Regardless of the organization’s focus, one thing remains clear: without the right nonprofit software system, none of these organizations can properly work towards fulfilling their mission.

At Giveffect, we understand that a nonprofit’s mission is what keeps it going. Additionally, we understand that nonprofit software has to help fulfill that mission. Here are just a few questions to ask when determining if your nonprofit software is helping the organization do so:

How is our current nonprofit software system benefitting our operations?

How does our current nonprofit software system help us to provide services to our clients and the community?

Is our current nonprofit software system helping us to solve problems more efficiently and effectively than before we implemented it?

Is our current nonprofit software system making the work we do easier or more difficult?

What questions are you asking to ensure your nonprofit organization’s software system is helping you meet your intended goals and fulfill your organizational mission?

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