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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising May Be Critical in 2021

As the situation around the pandemic changes as more become vaccinated, nonprofit organizations can start to look at doing more in-person events, with certain safety criteria.
And that is where peer-to-peer fundraising can make a huge impact. Each person’s unique situation, relative to vaccination status and health status, can be reflected in their fundraising attempts among their own circle of friends and family. 
Using peer-to-peer fundraising, those that meet the criteria, can attend in-person events and raise funds among those friends and family members that may not be able to attend, at the same time. But those members that can not attend can still keep up with the in-person fundraiser via that person’s fundraising page, so everyone can stay involved. 
This flexibility will be critical as our society transitions from being closed to more open events and gatherings. And the rules will likely greatly vary and change as the year continues on, and will likely vary state to state, or region to region. 
And that is why local peer-to-peer fundraising, which can keep up with potential fast changes occurring at a local or regional level, will be a fantastic resource. Those who live in those areas can adjust to the changes occurring on the ground and adjust their own fundraisers accordingly, in real-time. 
But how do you take advantage of this opportunity? How do you create and manage a peer-to-peer fundraising network, on what often may be limited budgets due to the pandemic?
Giveffect offers a great way to help your fundraisers create their own great-looking, personal pages and to help you keep track of how all of your peer-to-peer fundraisers are doing, all in one system. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising pages can give fundraisers an easy to build hub to connect with their community.

One Giveffect client, Martin M. a Development Director said “We are most impressed
by the CRM and peer-to-peer fundraising features. With the CRM, there is so much capacity customization, automation, and segmentation. The peer-to-peer fundraising also allows great flexibility and automation all while still aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.”
The CRM can both keep track of your fundraisers, donors, and volunteers, and the peer-to-peer system allows your fundraisers to create attractive pages easily, to manage their own events. 
And there is a huge variety of events possible for peer-to-peer fundraising pages:
  • Branded events
  • Ticketed events
  • Run/Walk/Ride events
  • Challenges
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Workplace giving
  • “Create-your-own” Fundraiser
And in Giveffect you can easily include fun and useful items like a countdown, fundraising goals, donation thermometer/progress, track miles ran, perks and reward, automated tax receipts, and more. 
And there is even a recruitment function to easily reach out to your groups about a new fundraising campaign, including email share, social media share, participant recruitment button, email solicitation, direct mail, newsletter, and more. 
Learn more about how easy it is to do peer-to-peer fundraising in Giveffect: