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Reconciliation Software: The Importance of Integration

The work that nonprofit organizations do is vital to the communities around the world. And the importance of ensuring that financial donations and funds raised are properly reconciled cannot be overstated. There is little to no room for error in this area, which means that the proper tools that will ensure the most accurate data are needed. This is what makes having the right reconciliation software so critical.


There are several different kinds of reconciliation and accounting software to choose from. The key to making this decision is to know what your nonprofit organization specifically needs. And while making this decision is not an easy one, it is just as important that the system you choose be able to integrate seamlessly with other types of software that can help it in reconciliation processes.


With regard to reconciliation and Quickbooks being integrated and connected, a client that is not using an all-in-one system and is, for example, having to reconcile the specific financial data from Quickbooks or Abila MIP, etc into Excel, and then send it to Quickbooks, would need to first manually look over the data once it is in the Excel spreadsheet, then import the correct data into Quickbooks. This is after having taken the information from the original software source. These are extra steps that someone will have to take to get the proper financial reports to the right people, adding to manual data entry and inconvenience.


Enter Giveffect. The great thing about the Giveffect software is that it connects and integrates seamlessly with any reconciliation software that is being used by a nonprofit. That’s one of the things we hang our hat on. From Quickbooks to Abila MIP, our system works with whatever your nonprofit is currently working with.


For example, the process of how to get a new financial report in Giveffect can be explained in just a few clicks.

Click 1: From Mission Control, navigate to “Online Donations” tab of your backend within the Giveffect system.

Click 2: Under the Online Donations tool in the backend, a user can click the “Export files” button.

Click 3: Then, click the “Create New Export File” button.


It’s just that simple. Furthermore, the system remembers the last time a new export file was created and will notify the user as such. This means that there is no room for duplicates or missteps on the part of the user. This is because it is not the user who is getting the report, but instead, it’s the system itself that is.

When this happens, another line item is automatically created. Once this is created, the user can download the file and send it to their accounting department. From there it can be reconciled with any financial reconciliation software.



With Giveffect, the steps of manual entry and looking over the data are eliminated. This is because, within Giveffect, financial information is entered into the front end, but then automatically goes into the back end of your reconciliation software as long as the software is integrated with our system. Donations can be downloaded into multiple formats. Once downloaded, you open the file (which will automatically open Quickbooks) and the information transfer happens instantly.

Giveffect’s integrated, all-in-one software is the ideal tool for nonprofits of all kinds to properly reconcile donations and financial contributions. And with Smart Automation connecting every part of the system, allowing every part to speak to each other, nonprofits have an even more powerful tool at their fingertips.

Want to learn more about how the Giveffect all-in-one software system can help your nonprofit in its fundraising and reconciliation efforts? Visit us online at

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