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Recovering From the Pandemic: A Closer Look 

Like all nonprofits, York Habitat for Humanity, in York, Pa., was negatively impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. But, there are still needs in the community. Promises needing to be kept. Work still needing completion. 
And now the organization had to find a way back to providing the services that it did before. A lot of that job fell on Kasey Lofties, the Volunteer Services Manager with York Habitat for Humanity.
“During Covid-19 we had about an 85 percent decrease in volunteer efforts during  Covid, but we had to still schedule out real projects that were on the books,” Lofties said. “We still have to coordinate our build schedule, which was […] behind. And it’s not just the professional labor, but [also]the volunteer labor that’s impacted. It’s a unique challenge to have to coordinate all these aspects.”
Yes, every organization has had struggles during the pandemic, but due to the professional coordination and complex timelines around building an entire house, it hit Habitat for Humanity organizations particularly hard. They had to find some unique solutions and imagine new ways of doing things. 
A new Case Study by Giveffect takes a closer look at how York Habitat for Humanity used technological solutions to recover and get back to the business of helping people. Read the Case Study for yourself: